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This table is a beginning list of partnerships between people and organizations in the Linden community and faculty, staff, and/or students of the Ohio State University.  If you know of a partnership that is not listed, please contact Mindy Wright, Assistant Provost, Academic Affairs/Undergraduate Education at

Topic/Focus Partners OSU Contacts OSU Units Timeline Funding Sources

Oral Histories

Collecting oral histories for and with Linden residents. 

Some of these histories would be collected digitally.  Support and training for neighborhood residents and students would be a part of the history collection process. These projects began as a response to an expressed request from GLDC. St. Stephens has also expressed interest in collecting oral histories.
Linden-McKinley Department of English Valerie Kinloch College of Education and Human Ecology/School of Teaching and Learning Current  

Greater Linden Development Corporation

Linden-McKinley Department of English

Dickie Selfe

College of Arts and Sciences/Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing 

 United Way of Central Ohio Neighborhood Partnership Grant 2011

Greater Linden Development Corporation 

Linden-McKinley Department of English

Martha Sims

College of Arts and Sciences/Department of English

(service-learning course)


Newsletter Articles

Writing articles for GLDC newsletter
Greater Linden Development Corporation College of Arts and Sciences/Department of African American and African Studies Winter 2011

National Education Association “Bringing Learning to Life”

NEA, CEA, EHE, Columbus State, Columbus City Schools received funding from Learn and Serve America to train current teachers to develop service-learning projects as part of their curriculum.  This has a special focus on Linden and its feeder schools. 

National Education Association

Columbus Education Association

Columbus City Schools


Valerie Kinloch College of Education and Human Ecology/School of Teaching and Learning
2010-2012 Corporation for National and Community Service Learn and Serve

Higher Education Partnership

“Collaborating to improve the access,retention, and completion of postsecondary education for all Columbus City Schools students through targeted initiatives and maximized use of resources.”

Columbus City Schools Cheryl Achterberg P-12 Project Current  


Greater Linden Development Corporation

Tech Corps 

CCSC Geek Squad

Jay Rmanathan College of Engineering/CETI Current  

Sustainable Futures for Linden Village

Discussion began 2010 after GLDC meeting/request for partners around Linden Village Revitalization. 

To provide a series of integrated research, education, and outreach programs designed to raise awareness, knowledge, and skills of local community residents, teachers/students, and organizations in the areas of sustainable community housing development, and deliver measureable outcomes for each activity.


(Example: Service-Learning Design Studio for Weinland Park

Greater Linden Development Corporation

Columbus Foundation

City of Columbus Department of Development Planning Division

Ohio EPA

Jesus Lara

Charisma Acey

Victoria Chen

College of Engineering/ City and Regional Planning

College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences

Current  Ohio State Engagement and Impact Grants
Community Garden New Harvest Cafe/Kwodwo Ababio

Ross MacDonald

Susan Colbert

College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences/OSU Extension Current  

Blueprint College 2010

CCS Linden Schools

I Know I Can

Amy Wade Ohio State Admissions 2010-2011  

College Mentors for Kids

Weekly mentorship programs on Ohio State campus
CCS Linden Schools Laura Kraus

Student Organization

Office of Economic Access 

 Wonders of Our World

Interactive science education program designed to increase both students' knowledge and interest. Ohio State student, industry and parent volunteers go into K-6 classrooms to conduct experiments.
CCS Linden Schools Susan Olesik  College of Arts and Sciences/Chemistry 3rd of 3 years Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program 
 OGT Tutoring
As part of community service requirement, OSU Choose Ohio First Scholarship students tutor students at Linden McKinley in math and biology and physical sciences in preparation for the Ohio Graduation test 
Linden McKinley STEM Academy Susan Olesik College of Arts and Sciences/Chemistry    Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program 
 Stand Up for Shakespeare

Three-year collaboration between

The Ohio State University and the Royal Shakespeare Company wherein teachers learn from OSU Theatre students and professionals from the Royal Shakespeare Company learn active, drama-based approaches to teaching Shakespeare and other complex texts
Linden McKinley STEM Academy Lesley Ferris, Interim Director, Arts Initiative College of Arts and Sciences/Arts Initiative  2nd of 3 years  
 Student Success Center

Program that organizes job shadowing, state and community dropout summits and focuses on preparing students for college and/or the workplace.  Has an office in Linden McKinley.

Linden McKinley STEM Academy Dr. James Moore, Director  

Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male

 AT&T High School Success Program Linden McKinley STEM Academy Collette Dollarhide College of Education and Human Ecology/Counselor Education    
 Ohio STEM Ability Alliance Linden McKinley STEM Academy Margo Vreeburg Izzo  Office of Health Sciences/Nissonger Center    

ROX Ruling Our Experiences

Linden McKinley STEM Academy Dr. Lisa Hinkelman      

Electrical and Computer Engineering High School Outreach

Linden McKinley STEM Academy Betty Lise Anderson  College of Engineering/Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering    

Operation Diabetes Education                                    

North Linden Elementary Colleen Dula College of Pharmacy    
Expanded Classroom  East Linden Elementary Shelly Casto Wexner Center for the Arts    

International Performing Arts Series for Children

East Linden Elementary
Shelly Casto Wexner Center for the Arts    

Honda-Ohio State Partnership Math Medal Award and Scholarship Program

Linden McKinley STEM Academy Steve Yurkovich College of Engineering  Current          

Department of Theatre Central Ohio Schools Tour

Linden McKinley STEM Academy Rachel Barnes College of Arts and Sciences/Department of Theatre  Current

Girls Circle

Gives college women the opportunity to grow, learn, and challenge themselves through training, facilitation, and experiences working with adolescent and teenage girls.

Kipp Journey Academy  Vicki Pitstick  Honors and Scholars  2010-2011  

Social Issue Immersion Project on Economic Access

Students in this service-learning course work to support KIPP Journey Academy through a variety of administrative, tutoring, and mentoring tasks. 

 Kipp Journey Academy  Vicki Pitstick   Winter 2011