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Ohio State Public School Partnership Advisory Committee

This committee consists of middle and high school teacher leaders from central Ohio school districts in the subject areas of art, English/lanugage arts, foreign languages, information science, science, and social studies. The committee, joined by Ohio State faculty and administrators from across campus and involved in university p-12 partnerships, meets two to three times per year to discuss how we might explore opportunities for public school teachers and Ohio State faculty in the arts and sciences to work together on projects of mutual interest, such as professional development, cooperative research, campus visits, cooperative teaching, etc.

As we learned in our first meeting, we have a breadth of experience among us, with many who have spent time at different sites working with different levels of students, and fulfilling all sorts of classroom and administative responsibilities. With such a rich store of wisdom, we have the opportunity to forge new trails in what professional development and school/university partners can mean. All of us are looking for actions and exchanges that are more substantive, more meaningful, and more capable of sustaining the highest quality of learning and achievement for our students. That, of course, is our basic goal as we begin new collaborations or enhance existing ones: We want to serve our students in the best ways possible--in middle and high school classrooms and as they move on to college. Whether they choose Ohio State or another institution, we want all of our children to be very confident that the educational experiences we offer them are the best and that they can function well and compete well wherever their paths may take them.