Institutional Research and Planning

Assessment at The Ohio State University

Ohio State is committed to effective assessment of student learning consistent with the Higher Learning Commission’s 2003 Statement on Assessment of Student Learning. Assessment is a broad-based activity that occurs at a number of levels across the university. Some assessment activities are carried out at the institutional level, others are specific to the success of our general education curriculum (GEC), and still others are specific to major program goals. Regardless of the level, assessment is viewed as an ongoing process whereby outcomes and core values are identified, evidence is collected and evaluated, and modifications are made to improve student learning.

Institutional oversight and support for assessment is provided through the Office of Academic Affairs.  Assessment is heavily embedded in the curricular process and occurs at the institutional, program, and course level, while co-curricular assessment is conducted through the Center for the Study of Student Life.

For undergraduate academic programs, learning goals for general education and the almost 170 degrees and majors form the basis for effective assessment.  Through the curricular approval process, assessment plans are required for new program proposals.  Use of outcomes information is encouraged as part of a rationale for program revisions.  Plans to assess general education goals are expected in general education course proposals, and outcomes-based reviews of representative general education courses are conducted.