Institutional Research and Planning

Staff Directory

Julie Carpenter-Hubin, Assistant Vice President

Sheila Craft-Morgan, Sr. Resource Planning Analyst

Liana Crisan-Vandeborne, Resource Planning Analyst

Jay Johnson, Associate Director

Holly Oakleaf, Resource Planning Analyst

Jason Sullivan, Consulting Research Statistician

Lisa Van Dyke, Resource Planning Analyst

Liana Crisan-Vandeborne

Resource Planning Analyst

Liana holds an M.P.A. from University of Akron, a B.A. in Sociology from Universitatea Babes-Bolyai, Romania, and a B.S. in Science of Systems and Calculators from Universitatea Tehnica, Cluj Napoca, Romania. She began working in the Office of Institutional Research and Planning in March of 2010.

Liana provides support to the Director and additional staff, assists the program review process, tracks budget, processes payments and orders, and provides general support and information for the office. In addition, she responds to local, national, and international publisher surveys for undergraduate education, military education, and online education. Liana also manages the vast majority of surveys administered by the office, analyzes data, creates reports and responds to ad-hoc requests.