Senior Management Council

Dr. Bruce A. McPheron
Interim Executive Vice President and Provost

Ms. Molly Ranz Calhoun
Associate Vice President for Student Life

Prof. Sharon Davies
Vice Provost for the Office of Diversity and Inclusion
Chief Diversity Officer

E. Christopher Ellison, MD
Interim Dean of College of Medicine

Mr. M. Dolan Evanovich
Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Planning

Mr. Mark A. Evans
Associate Vice President of Administration and Planning

Mr. Andy Gurd
Interim President/CEO The Ohio State University Alumni Association, Inc.

Ms. Katie Hall
Chief of Staff
Office of the President

Ms. S. Ann Hamilton
Vice President of University Communications

Mr. Michael B. Hofherr
Vice President of Office of Information Technology
Chief Information Officer

Mr. Martin Jarmond
Executive Associate Athletic Director

Dr. Daniel A. Kramer
Associate Vice President of Industry Liaison Office

Dr. William L. MacDonald
Executive Dean of Regional Campuses
Dean and Director of Ohio State Newark

Dr. David C. Manderscheid
Interim Vice President and Dean of College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Dr. Ronald L. Hendrick
Executive Dean and Vice Provost of College of Arts and Sciences

Ms. M. Alison Mincey
Associate Vice President of Compliance, Risk Management Policies & Procedures

Mr. Michael A. Mitchell
Vice President and Associate General Counsel
Office of Legal Affairs

Ms. Adrienne Nazon
Vice President for Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Michael Papadakis
Vice President for Financial Services and University Treasurer

Ms. Stacy Rastaukas
Vice President for Government Relations
Director of the Washington DC Office of Federal Relations

Dr. David Williams
Executive Dean of Professional Colleges
Dean of College of Engineering

Dr. Karla Zadnik
Executive Dean of Health Sciences Colleges
Dean of College of Optometry