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Academic Voices

To build on conversations initiated across the university in fall semester, Executive Vice President and Provost Melissa Gilliam will share her perspectives on Ohio State’s academic mission and vision in this periodic blog.

Leading into the new year

As the new year begins, a top priority has been to implement the goals set out in The Ohio State University’s Academic Plan. Launched in November, the plan’s ambitious goals provide strategic direction for academics at our university, specifically focusing on faculty, students, external engagement, inclusive excellence, digital and online learning, and operations. It was developed with the input of the campus community and will be enriched by your ongoing contribution. While developing the plan, we began to create programs, policies, and systems to support our bright future. In this post, I want to describe some of these early steps.

The plan’s success relies on local leadership, ensuring that units across our campuses understand the plan and see their role within it. In November, we convened representatives from each of the academic units that comprise the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) — about 60 colleagues in all. This half-day retreat served as an opportunity for individuals to discuss the interconnectedness of the work of faculty and staff as we build our strategies around the plan’s implementation. Participants were asked to ideate and reflect on where we might need to change our approaches to work, how we can better build connections with other areas, and why we should communicate about our progress.

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