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Academic Voices

To build on conversations initiated across the university in fall semester, Executive Vice President and Provost Melissa Gilliam will share her perspectives on Ohio State’s academic mission and vision in this periodic blog.

Focusing on student completion

As the season begins to change, I have enjoyed watching prospective undergraduate students and their families visit Ohio State. As I think about these students entering our university, I am reminded of the importance of completing college. So many opportunities await these individuals once they graduate — from beginning their professional careers to continuing their academic pursuits with additional studies in graduate or professional school. In Ohio State’s Academic Plan, which was released in November, one of the six priority areas is our commitment to student academic excellence.   

Completing college is an essential outcome of ensuring that higher education is accessible and affordable. Nationally, the six-year college completion rate is 62.3%. Students who attend college without earning a diploma incur debt while also lacking the earning potential that a bachelor’s degree affords. This debt can become debilitating. Thus, college completion must be a top priority for all of us.

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