Academic Organization and Curriculum Handbook

Academic Organization, Curriculum, and Assessment Handbook 2016-2017

This is the most current edition of the Academic Organization and Curriculum Handbook.  It contains information about the Council on Academic Affairs (CAA), university organization, and academic programs, courses, and curricula.

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Table of Contents 

I. Council On Academic Affairs 

II. University Organization 

Academic Centers

Clinical Faculty Tracks

Current Organization of Instructional Units

Current Organization of University Centers and Institutes

III. Academic Programs 

Undergraduate Major 

Undergraduate Minor 

Certificate Of Study 

Honors Programs 

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specializations And Minors 

Enrollment Limitations 

Existing Degrees, Certificates, And Areas Of Study 

IV. Courses And Curricula 

Appendix A 

Guidelines and Resources for Program Assessment

Appendix B 

Ohio Department of Higher Education - Guidelines and Procedures for Academic Program Review

Appendix C 

Review and Approval of Graduate Degree Programs

Appendix D

Course and Program Templates