Stig M. Bergstrom

Professor Emeritus of E

Received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Lund University, Sweden. Lecturer at Lund University 1962-67. Assistant Professor and Orton Museum Curator at the Ohio State University 1968, promoted to Associate Professor 1970, and to Professor and Museum Director in 1972. Retired in 2002. Dr. Bergström’s research has focused on global Lower Paleozoic biostratigraphy, paleontology (especially conodonts, chitinozoans, and graptolites), chemostratigraphy, volcanic ashes (K-bentonites), paleobiogeography, paleogeography, and Ordovician meteorites. Author of more than 575 science articles, abstracts, and books, more than 125 of these published after his retirement. Fellow of several leading geology societies. Recipient of  a variety of national and international awards and honors, the most important being elected to Member of the Royal Physiographic Society (1980; after the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the most prestigious Natural Science Academy in Sweden); Honorary Doctorate, Lund University, Sweden (1987); received the Hadding Prize (1985; the most prestigious geology award in Sweden); awarded the Raymond C. Moore Medal from the Society of Sedimentary Geology for “Excellence in Paleontology and Stratigraphy” (1999; one of the two most prestigious awards in this field in North America); received The Golden Medal from Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic (1989; for “Outstanding Contributions to Ordovician Stratigraphy”); awarded The Pander Gold Medal (2001; the highest international award in conodont research); received The Paleontological Society Medal (2011; the most prestigious award in Paleontology in North America); received the Digby McLaren Medal (2012; the highest international career award in stratigraphy, awarded only once every fourth year); and the Science Excellence Award of the International Commission on Stratigraphy (2012; along with the Digby McLaren Medal , the international top prize in stratigraphy). Paleontologists have named two genera and 8 species of four groups of fossil organisms for Stig M. Bergström.