Call for Applications for Framework Space Grants

A Sense of Place is ... Having a place that has meaning and value to you, a place where you feel attached to both the physical and social environment.

Rogers and Bragg, 2012

The Integrated Physical Planning Liaison Group (IPPLG) is providing matching grant funds to support the advancement of Framework 2.0 by updating spaces that promote student success. As part of the Framework 2.0 planning process, the university identified a need for more informal learning spaces - non-discipline specific spaces frequented by students for self-directed learning activities, socialization, and collaboration. The Informal Learning Space Grant will provide applicants the opportunity to transform lobby spaces, student lounges, or hallway spaces outside of classrooms into welcoming, collaborative spaces, while the Civic Space Grant focuses on outdoor space improvements.

Previous Projects

Department of Microbiology

The Department of Microbiology renovated room 484 in the Biological Sciences Building.

College of Nursing

The College of Nursing created an informal learning and lounge space in Newton Hall.

Smith Laboratory

Smith Laboratory recently added this informal learning space as a partnership between the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Engineering.

Thompson Library

Thompson Library recently added these simple tables and chairs to provide outdoor seating.