Awards — June 20, 2018

Carpenter-Hubin receives AIR Outstanding Service Award

The Association for Institutional Research (AIR), a national source for data and decisions for higher education, recently awarded its 2018 AIR Outstanding Service Award, to Julie Carpenter-Hubin, assistant vice president of Ohio State’s Office of Institutional Research and Planning.

AIR’s formal announcement noted her exceptional leadership and service as AIR president, adding, “She is widely recognized as an accomplished professional, a consummate diplomat, and a role model for others.”  One nominator added that the award is “also about character, reputation, and impact…She is known [in this national] community as someone who cares deeply about advancing the field and supporting those in it.”

Ms. Carpenter-Hubin joined the university in 1981 and, since 1998, has led Ohio State’s institutional research efforts to produce high quality information and analyses to support university strategic planning and decision making.  She earned both a bachelor’s degree in German and a master’s degree in public adminstration from The Ohio State University.

Congratulations to Julie on this recognition of this prestigious, national award.