Change Number of Hours

This request can be used for Changes in Number of Hours worked weekly for staff, faculty or student employees, when no additional changes in position are required.  If an employee is transferring to a new position or adding a concurrent position, please see the Hire request information.

For staff and faculty changes in hours, please inform the employee of any associated salary changes and provide the Benefits Office contact information for assistance with any associated changes in benefits.

For monthly employees, the monthly rate is tied to the standard hours and will therefore include a change in monthly and annual salary accordingly. Biweekly employees' hourly rate will remain the same, but the annual salary will be adjusted accordingly. Please send the employee a salary notification letter and include a copy in the HRA request (necessary for audit).

Student changes in hours are important for the Affordable Care Act reporting. Please send in change requests when a student submits notification of schedule changes that will alter their weekly standard hours.