Change Other Employee Data

The Change Other Employee Data request type can be used for employee data changes for an individual employee or a group of employees, including:

  • Supervisor Changes
  • Addition or removal of Webclock functionality
  • Business address or phone number changes
  • Department Number

Addition or removal of Webclock functionality will go into effect starting the next pay period begin date (see University Pay Period Schedule for details) once processed. If future timesheets are created due to future dated leave requests, the system may not recognize the webclock change for that week. Editing and resubmitting the leave request after the change has been processed will assist with these cases. Contact your Service Center HR Associate to coordinate the timing of the changes when necessary.

When requesting a supervisor change, please note if the position manager should differ from the supervisor in eTime & eLeave. (e.g. an administrator assists in leave approvals but performance is managed by a senior leader.) The service center may reach out to confirm if the Reports to and Supervisor ID are not matching.

Funding changes can be processed along with data changes when necessary by completing the new Chartfield Information (e.g. department and funding org are both changing). If the only change needed is the employee’s funding, please use the Change Funding Source HRA option.

Business phone number and address changes can be made through Employee Self Service. If the location assigned to the position also needs to be changed, please submit this type of HRA so that the position may be updated to correct the building name in Find People.

Documentation is generally not required to support these types of data changes, but units are welcome to attach details or email confirmations of data to HRA for records.

Timeline & Processing

Effective dates for employee data changes that impact timesheets and monthly certification will be made using the next available pay period or timesheet week begin date. Changing a supervisor or department mid-week will create a secondary timesheet and employees will often experience errors when trying to submit hours. Please make sure there is a backup approver available to assist during the interim if request is submitted after an existing supervisor has departed. Feel free to contact your Service Center HR Specialist or Associate to plan for any upcoming changes and identify the best course of action to accomplish your unit’s goals.