Coronavirus: Academic Decisions

Coronavirus: Academic Decisions

Ohio State has adjusted a number of practices to advance our academic mission and protect the health and safety of students, faculty and staff in light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This page provides a summary of decisions and resources specific to the academic process. Please see COVID-19 transition task force for information about plans for a return to campus  and the university’s primary COVID-19 website for health resources and information for faculty and staff.

Also see our calendar of upcoming academic dates.   

Decisions related to distance learning, assessment, academic deadlines and other topics related to teaching, learning and research.
Topic Key result(s) Resource(s)
Assessments Resources offered for online assessments  
CarmenCanvas Faculty should enable Carmen for all courses  
Events University events cancelled through July 6  
Grade forgiveness Deadline extended to April 17 Important dates (PDF)
Grading policies Extension of Pass/No Pass, Incomplete and Withdraw policies  
Grading policies Graduate School: Extension of Pass/No Pass policy  
Graduate defenses Graduate defenses can be conducted online  
Instruction All instruction moved online through end of spring 2020 Keep Teaching Website
Internet Free and low-cost internet options listed  
Libraries All services provided virtually; campus facilities closed Libraries COVID-19 Webpage
Spring 2020 term Extension puts final classes on April 24, finals April 27 - May 1 Academic calendar
Spring 2020 commencement Virtual commencement to be held May 3; Apple CEO Tim Cook to deliver address  

Travel and Study Abroad

Decisions related to university-sponsored travel by all members of the Ohio State community.
Topic Key result(s) Resource(s)
Domestic travel Domestic travel limited to business essential; existing trips cancelled FAQs
Domestic travel “Business essential” and process for domestic travel defined FAQs
International travel All new travel suspended; existing trips cancelled FAQs
Summer programs All summer education abroad (OIA) programs cancelled Important dates (PDF)

Academic Dates

Summer and Autumn 2020

This table lists many of the important dates and timelines that have changed in the Summer and Autumn of 2020 as a result of COVID-19.
Key date Decision
May 13 Summer term courses begin
May 15 Teaching Support Program completion deadline for compensation-eligible faculty
June 30 All university-sponsored international and non-essential domestic travel cancelled through this date.
June 30 Temporary hiring freeze in place through this date.
July 1 Deadline for unit schedulers to provide registrar with updated plans for course sections
July 6 All university events cancelled through July 6
July 22 Student deadline to complete course work from Spring 2020 incomplete classes
July 31 End of summer classes
August All education abroad programs cancelled through summer 2020
August 3 Summer finals start
August 5 Summer finals end
August 9 Summer commencement
August 25 Autumn term courses begin
September 1 Kristina M. Johnson begins as Ohio State's 16th president
September 7 Labor Day (university holiday; no classes)
October 15-16 Classes in session (no Fall Break)
November 11 Veterans Day (university holiday; no classes)
November 25 Last day of in-person instruction
November 30 Autumn classes resume in distance modes
December 4 Autumn term courses end
December 7 Autumn exams begin
December 11 Autumn term exams end
TBD Autumn commencement
January 3 Enterprise Project - Workday (HR and Payroll go live)
January 7 Enterprise Project - Workday (Finance and Supply Chain go live)
This table lists many of the important dates and timelines that changed during Spring 2020 as a result of COVID-19.
Key date Decision
April 17 Student deadline for grade forgiveness petitions
April 17 Student deadline to invoke Pass/No Pass option or withdraw from a class. In either case, must be enacted by academic advisor.
April 17 Graduate final oral exams deadline for graduating students
April 24 Final day of spring 2020 classes
April 24 Graduate final theses/dissertations deadline for submission and approval by Graduate School
April 27 Finals begin for spring 2020
May 1 Finals end for spring 2020
May 1 Deadline for extension of tenure clock (for those with review scheduled for Autumn 2020/2020-21 academic year)
May 3 Spring commencement
May 8 Last day to submit grades
May 12 Graduate School end of semester deadline; students may graduate without summer enrollment