Current Activities

How is assessment implemented at Ohio State?

Assessment is a broad-based activity that occurs at a number of levels across the university in both the curricular and co-curricular learning environments.  Some assessments are carried out at the institutional level and others within courses using a myriad of means.  Primarily, however, assessment is a faculty-driven endeavor conducted at the program level. 

All degree programs have articulated student learning outcomes and provide annual reports on their assessment activities to the Office of Academic Affairs. Undergraduate programs typically report on findings and plans for improvement.  Graduate programs address at least one important question about student learning in their programs and also report to the Graduate School.   Professional programs provide summary updates, and are monitored regularly on their assessment activities through specialized accreditation.  Across all reporting venues, findings are expected to be accurate and represent all students in the program.

TracDat is a software tool adopted by Ohio State to facilitate assessment planning, documentation, and reporting. 

What other kinds of assessment activities are taking place? 

Numerous events support assessment, such as conferences and workshops. 

Assessment is integrated in numerous projects aimed at improving student outcomes. 

  • The Office of Distance Education and eLearning embeds assessment in impact grants.
  • The Office of Academic Affairs awards course redesign grants in STEM areas that incorporate assessments for STEM areas and selected general education outcomes.