Office of Academic Affairs Directory


Executive Vice President & Provost

Bruce A. McPheron

Executive Assistant

Joan Lieb

Senior Vice Provost

Kay N. Wolf

Executive Assistant

Susan Hurst

Vice Provost for Academic Policy and Faculty Resources

Helen I. Malone

Executive Assistant

Jo'Vanna Zanders

Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement

Ryan J. Schmiesing

Executive Assistant

Jo'Vanna Zanders

Vice Provost for Academic Programs

W. Randy Smith

Executive Assistant

Katie Reed

Project Manager

Beth Frey

Assistant Vice Provost

Alan Kalish

Executive Assistant and Events Coordinator

Melissa Kemp

Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Human Resources

Jan Neiger

Assistant Vice Provost

Melinda Nelson

Faculty Ombudsman

Sally Rudmann

Director, Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP)

M. Susie Whittington

Associate Vice President for the Office of Institutional Equity

Katherine M. Lasher

Executive Assistant

Jo'Vanna Zanders


Director of Communications

Rob Messinger

Senior Writer

Molly Davis

Communications and Marketing Manager

Tom Rinderle

Digital Communications Strategist

John Strawn

Communications Specialist

Maddie Thomas

Fiscal Services


Gretchen Gombos

Fiscal Officer

Brandon Foster

Data Analyst

Deborah Miller

Fiscal Officer

Kimberly Wilson

Human Resources Service Center

HR Director

Bobbie Houser

Human Resource Specialist

Diane Pocius

Lead Human Resource Specialist

Chrissy Sprouse

Human Resources Associate

Courtney Crawford

Human Resources Associate

Steven Mentz

Human Resources Associate

Zach Tolley

Institutional Research and Planning

Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research & Planning

Julie W. Carpenter-Hubin

Senior Resource Planning Analyst

Sheila Craft-Morgan

Associate Director of Institutional Research and Planning

Jay V. Johnson

UIA Fellow

Tiffany N. Polite

Data Specialist and Application Support

Yash V. Singhania

Consulting Research Statistician

Leanne Stanley

Director, UIA Fellows Program and Network Engagement

Derrick L. Tillman-Kelly

Resource Planning Analyst

Lisa Van Dyke

Ohio State Academy

Program Director

Michele Brown

Assistant Director

Kelli Reavling-Cobb

Outreach and Engagement

Vice Provost for Outreach and Engagement

Ryan J. Schmiesing

Director of Communications and Special Projects

Benjamin Lewis

Program Director

Mark McCann

Assistant Vice Provost

Nicole Nieto

University Institute for Teaching & Learning (UITL)

Office Admin Associate

Christobel Anandappa

Faculty Fellow

Mary Jo Fresch

Instructional Consultant and Coordinator of Academic Inclusion and Associated Faculty

Sarah Holt

Assistant Director and Coordinator for Assessment and Curriculum Design

Teresa Johnson

Assistant Director and Coordinator for International Initiatives

Laurie Maynell

Associate Director

Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo

Instructional Consultant

Jessica Riviere

Associate Director

Stephanie Rohdieck

Office Assistant

Chelsea Taylor

Program Manager, Conferences & Events

Jennie Williams