eLeave System Overview

The eLeave system is used by all biweekly and monthly paid staff and faculty for submitting leave requests for time off: vacation, sick, compensatory, organ donation, military leave, jury duty, parental, and unpaid (includes FMLA & Work Related Injury).

Leave requests can be entered for one day or a span of days, and weekends will automatically be skipped during the date range unless overridden. The system will ask for daily hours and allow the breakdown of individual days/hours if providing a range of dates. Leave hours can be applied at any increment based on available balances.

Employees may select FMLA or Work Related Injury/Illness if they are working with human resources for a related case. For all other leave reasons, neither should be selected.

Employees have four leave balances to review when submitting leave time: Vacation, Sick, Compensatory Time (biweekly paid employees only), and Military leave (documentation and pre-approval required). Family Medical Leave hours are listed, but require an available sick or vacation balance to apply hours off work. It is the employee’s responsibility to be aware of available leave balances at all times. If there are balance questions due to late submission/approval of requests, please contact the service center for accurate calculation prior to submitting additional leave requests.

Leave requests must be submitted to the supervisor no later than two business days after the employee returns to work. For absences of three consecutive days or more, medical documentation may be requested by supervisor or department HR contact. Employees are required to notify their supervisor each day of absence unless proper documentation has been submitted and approved in advance. Supervisors should discuss their leave reporting preferences with their employees.

Employees may see a full list of leave requests they’ve submitted by choosing the “Search” menu option and entering name/employee ID.

All comments within the eLeave system are public record, and personal details regarding illness or FMLA cases should be avoided.

Leave Submission

For biweekly paid staff, approved leave requests are due along with completed timesheets by Monday 10AM for the week prior, unless an earlier deadline is provided by employing unit. Timesheets that are not submitted by the deadline may result in a delay in pay. Any changes made after a leave request has been approved will require resubmission for re-approval.

For monthly paid staff and faculty, leave requests are to be submitted for approval prior to the 12th of each month, when possible, to reflect accurate leave balances on each paycheck. Requests submitted after the 12th of the month may not be included on that month’s paycheck which will result in inaccurate available leave balances on the eLeave system. It is each employee's responsibility to track their leave balances on every paycheck to avoid requesting more time than they have available. The service center can assist in calculating a leave balance.

Leave Approval

Supervisors receive an email notification when a leave request has been submitted. Supervisor approval is due within two business days of the submission notification email, and prior to 10AM on Mondays for biweekly employee requests to allow completed timesheet submission by deadline. Supervisors will have a backup approver (access assigned by department), and need to discuss leave approval with their backup approver in the case of planned/unplanned absences. Missed/late approvals may result in a delay in pay for employees.

For new department backup approvers, or changes to existing backup approvers, please contact Bobbie Houser.