Emeritus Academy

The mission of the Emeritus Academy is to recognize and promote the ongoing engagement of emeritus faculty in research and in scholarly and creative activity for the enhanced reputation of the university and for the benefit of society at large by:

  • Helping to support scholarly activities through small research and travel grants
  • Promoting a sense of community among Academy members
  • Working appropriately with other units across the university

The Emeritus Academy fosters active scholarship among its members and promotes the concept of lifetime scholars, which benefits its members, The Ohio State University, and the various communities with which they interact. For more information about the Emeritus Academy contact emeritusacademy@osu.edu.

Steering Committee

The President and Provost's Advisory Council brought together a group of dedicated faculty who volunteered to serve as the inaugural members of a Founding Council for the Emeritus Academy. This council (Liang-Shih Fan, Robert C. Holub, Brian D. Joseph, Joan R. Leitzel, Terry A. Miller) shaped the Emeritus Academy, which was founded in the 2014-15 academic year. The Emeritus Academy is now guided by a Steering Committee.

Chair; Emeritus Professor of Political Science, Columbus Campus

Paul A. Beck

Emeritus Professor of Pathology, Columbus campus

Rolf F. Barth

Emeritus Professor of English, Columbus campus

Morris Beja

Emeritus Professor of Environment and Natural Resources, Columbus campus

Joseph F. Donnermeyer

Chair-Elect; Emeritus Professor of Teaching and Learning, Marion campus

Mary Jo Fresch

Emeritus Professor of Veterinary Biosciences, Columbus campus

George Krakowka

Ohio Eminent Scholar and Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Columbus campus

Terry A. Miller

Emeritus Professor of Music, Columbus campus

Lois A. Rosow