Emeritus Academy Lecture Series

Ardine Nelson, Professor Emeritus
How to Create Considered Visual Research: Recent works from the OSU Museum of Biological Diversity
Ardine Nelson
Department of Art

"How to Create Considered Visual Research:  Recent works from the OSU Museum of Biological Diversity"

March 6, 2019
4-5 p.m.
Grand Lounge, Faculty Club

Since my first visit to an open house at the OSU Museum of Biological Diversity, I have remained intrigued by the specimens.  They are beautiful, terrifying, and often repulsive.  They are a visual curiosity with an innate quality that draws one in even closer.  What is this fascination with inspecting dead things?  The jars, boxes and drawers of fish, insects and birds from the various collections each have the possibility of a visually interesting composition, a relationship between the occupants I wished to discover, document and somehow present to the viewer.

As an artist exploring the environment is a visual treat.  Over time, I have approached the natural and built landscape, land usage and ideas of life cycles and regeneration.  Most recently, I have been exploring collections housed in the Museum of Biological Diversity here at OSU.  I will touch on my previous photographic works but will emphasize the latest, including some of the photographic pitfalls and solutions when working in this manner.