Emeritus Academy Lecture Series

Lonnie King, Professor Emeritus
One Health: A New Strategy to Address Antibiotic Resistance
Lonnie King
College of Veterinary Medicine

"One Health: A New Strategy to Address Antibiotic Resistance"

November 7, 2018
4-5 p.m.
Grand Lounge, Faculty Club

As of 2018, the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) continues largely unabated around the world, leaving devastating health and economic outcomes in its wake. Experts agree that AMR bacterial infections may be our most serious health problem over the next decade and beyond. There is concern that if nothing is done, even routine medical procedures and conditions will become life threatening because of the risk of untreatable infections. AMR is a complex and vexing challenge that involves the health of animals, and the environment in addition to human health and medicine. Collective action is needed using the concept of One Health – a multidisciplinary approach to holistically integrate animal, human and environmental domains into new strategies to combat AMR. In this presentation, I will define and discuss One Health; give further insight into the serious contemporary issue of AMR on our lives; offer a new framework and recommendations on how to successfully address ARM; and, suggest how this profound problem also creates a unique opportunity for The Ohio State University.