Emeritus Academy Lecture Series

Russ Pitzer, Professor Emeritus
Chemistry and the origin of the dollar
Russell Pitzer
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

"Chemistry and the Origin of the Dollar"

October 2, 2019
4-5 p.m.
Grand Lounge, Faculty Club

This presentation includes aspects of chemistry, currency nomenclature, geography, and the German language.  The development of chemical information has not been free of errors, but that is typical of science.  One of the chemical elements studied was uranium, which has some particularly interesting properties.  Studies of these properties requires both quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity, and therefore large computational resources.  I was one of two OSU chemistry faculty chosen to set up a supercomputer facility for the state.  Statewide computer network access was required, which has resulted in a major state resource (Ohio Academic Resources Network) for many types of usage, including non-academic usage.