Emeritus Academy welcomes 22 new members in autumn 2019 class

Faculty and Staff — January 2, 2020

Emeritus Academy welcomes 22 new members in autumn 2019 class

Pictured: new members of the Emeritus Academy with Joseph Donnermeyer, chair of the steering committee (front row, third from left), and Helen Malone, vice provost for academic policy and faculty resources (back row, third from right).

The Emeritus Academy is pleased to announce its autumn 2019 class of 22 new members. The mission of the academy is to recognize and promote the ongoing engagement of emeritus faculty in research and in scholarly and creative activity for the enhanced reputation of the university and for the benefit of society at large:

  • By helping to support scholarly activities through small research and travel grants
  • By promoting a sense of community among Academy members
  • By working appropriately with other units across the university

The Emeritus Academy fosters active scholarship among its members and promotes the concept of lifetime scholars, which benefits its members, The Ohio State University, and the various communities with which they interact.

The autumn 2019 class of new members, inducted at the December 4 installment of the Emeritus Academy Lecture Series, includes:

  • William Batstone
    Department of Classics

  • Charles Clemens
    Department of Mathematics

  • Mark DeBard
    Department of Emergency Medicine

  • Timothy Gregory
    Department of History

  • Michael Grever
    Department of Hematology

  • Charles Herdendorf
    Department of Earth Sciences

  • David Huron
    School of Music

  • Gary Kennedy
    Department of Mathematics

  • Bruce Kimball
    Department of Educational Studies

  • Douglas Kniss
    Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology

  • Boris Mityagin
    Department of Mathematics

  • Linda Myers
    Department of African American & African Studies

  • Stephen Myers
    Department of Horticulture & Crop Science

  • Nancy Neef
    Department of Educational Studies

  • Patrick Osmer
    Department of Astronomy

  • Anthony Rucci
    Department of Management & Human Resources

  • Samuel Stout
    Department of Anthropology

  • Candace Stout
    Department of Arts Administration, Education & Policy

  • Joseph Stulberg
    Moritz College of Law

  • Julian Thayer
    Department of Psychology

  • Udo Will
    School of Music

  • David Woods
    Department of Integrated Systems Engineering

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