Emeritus Academy Grant Recipients

December 2018

Angela Dean, Statistics
To participate as invited speaker and sessionorganizer in the ICRA8 conference, Vienna,Austria, in April 2019

Christopher E. Ellison, Surgery
Impact of Emeritus Surgeon Coaching on Surgery Chief Resident Autonomy and SurgicalPerformance Improvement

Helen Fehervary, Germanic Languages & Literatures
International Brecht Society Symposium, Leipzig, Germany

Carole Fink, History
An Unexpected Exodus Soviet Jews in WestGermany, 1974-1989

Bryan Martin, Internal Medicine
Medical Education Outreach (and Conference) to South Africa

Laurel Richardson, Sociology
Symposium on Ethnography

Duane Roller, Classics
Library Research For Book Project, The MithridaticDynasty of Pontos

Allison Snow, Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Organizer, Gene Drive Workshop, 15thSymposium, International Society for BiosafetyResearch

Altaf Wani, Radiology
International Conference on Cancer Research & Treatment 2019

Julia Watson, Comparative Studies
Organize session and present paper at IABA-Europe Conference, work with co-author inResidency, U of Granada

Joseph Zeidan, Near Eastern Languages & Cultures
Search for National Identity in Modern Hebrew Thought

May 2018

Rolf Barth, Pathology
Local transportation, Taiwan hotel, excess airfare cost covered

Philip Daniel, Educational Studies
Funding for Education Law Association 64th national annual conference presentation

Philip Fuerst, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
Supporting conference travel only

Jack L. Nasar, Architecture
Travel and registration

David Porretta, Adapted Physical Activity
Attend the 11th Mentoring Institute at the University of New Mexico

Lois Rosow, Music
To attend a conference in France

Al Soloway, Pharmacy
Publication costs

December 2017

William Ausich, School of Earth Sciences
Faunal Recovery From Mass Extinction

Morris Beja, English
Expenses to attend the International James Joyce Symposium in Antwerp, Belgium

David L. Denlinger, Entomology
Keynote speaker  at the XI European Congress of Entomology in Naples, Italy

Joseph F. Donnermeyer, Environmental and Natural Resources
Continuing Studies in Amish Demography

Mary Jo Fresch, Teaching and Learning
Funding for travel to present at conferences

Richard F. Green, English
Proposed Volume titled Ballads of the North:  Medieval to Modern

Jean-Michael Guldmann, Knowlton School of Architecture
Long-Term Microclimatic Changes in the Columbus Metropolitan Area

Roy J. Lewicki, Fisher College of Business
Role of Apologies Study

Nancy Rogers, Moritz College of Law
A project to articulate a current American spirit

May 2017

Stig Bergstrom, Earth Sciences
A collection of two sections in the Precordillera (at Don Braulio and Talacasto) to obtain rock samples for 13C analysis in order to tie the low‐latitude chemostratigraphy to the high‐latitude glacial history

Yuval Flicker, Mathematics
To participate as an invited speaker in the conference Algebraic K theory and Arithmetic Będlewo, August 20-26, 2017

Rajendra Singh, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Nonlinear Dynamics of Torsional Systems with Multiple Clearances

James Unger, East Asian Languages and Literatures
Publication Subvention

Altaf Wani, Radiology
To attend the 6th US EU conference on repair of endogenous DNA damage to be held from September 24-28 at the University of Udine, Udine Italy

Herb Weisberg, Political Science
"The Politics of Libertarian Jews"

December 2016

Gary Berntson, Psychology
Travel to Seville, Spain, to present a collaborative paper at the meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society, and to meet with his Dutch collaborators about their ongoing research.

Malcolm Cochran, Art
Multimedia art installation, "Requiem," to premiere in Cincinnati and then appear in Columbus. Grant provides seed money for substantial external support. Project involves collaboration with active Music faculty.

Helen Fehervary, Germanic Languages & Literatures
Travel to Atlanta, Georgia, to give a paper at the conference of the German Studies Association; and travel to Mainz, Germany, to participate in the annual Anna-Seghers-Society conference and carry out duties as editor of Seghers critical edition.

Carter Findley, History
Publication subvention for book, Enlightening Europe of Islam and the Ottomans: Mouradega d'Ohsson and the Tableau général de l'Empire othoman; to subsidize photographic reproductions of the original illustrations.

Carole Fink, History
Travel to meeting of American Historical Association in Denver, Colorado, to serve on a panel and chair a session, will also launch second edition of her book Cold War: An International History.

Patti Lather, Educational Studies
Travel to conference of the American Educational Research Association in San Antonio, Texas, to give a paper and to chair a session focused on her own life's work on feminist education research; will also launch a newly published collected edition of her essays.

Ardine Nelson, Art
Photographic project using specimens from university's Museum of Biological Diversity as subjects; to be exhibited locally and then nationally.

Stephen Pentak, Art
What Is So Important About Color Theory?-Travel to Kansas City, Missouri, to present a paper on color theory at FATE conference, sponsored by College Art Association.

Laurel Richardson, Sociology
Travel to University of Illinois for International Conference of Qualitative Inquiry, to give two panel presentations on social science writing; one will be published in the journal Qualitative Inquiry, the other in a book of collected essays (in contract) centered on her research.

Duane Roller, Classics
Travel to university research libraries at Harvard, Stanford, and Berkeley for book project, Cleopatra's Daughter and Other Royal Women of the Augustan Age (in contract, Oxford University Press).

Julia Watson, Comparative Studies
Travel to London, England, to give a conference paper on autobiography studies and to meet with descendant of one of her research subjects; and to an art colony near Assisi, Italy, to engage in sustained writing.

Jacques Zakin, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Replacement of outdated laboratory equipment for research on turbulent drag reducing solutions. Supplements major grant that supports student research.

May 2016

Rolf Barth, Pathology
Presentation of "Molecular Targeting of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor for the Treatment of Brain Tumors" at the 17th International Congress of Neutron Capture Therapy Columbia, MO, Oct. 2016.

Edward Behrman, Biochemistry
Support for an Undergraduate Research Assistant, to assist in the study of a metabolic pathway in Salmonella

Morris Beja, English
Attendance at the International James Joyce Symposium in London, England

Daniel Christie, Psychology
Participation on a panel (Humanization and Dehumanization of the "Other") at the annual meetings of "The International Society of Political Psychology (ISPP)

David Cressy, History
Presentation of "Counting Gypsies: Historical and Modern Estimates of English Gypsy Populations" at the Gypsy and Romani Studies conference in Stockholm, Sweden

Mary Jo Fresch, Teaching & Learning
Attendance at the professional development workshop Picture Books and All that Jazz; offered by The Highlights Foundation

Donald Haurin, Economics
Study of the effect of reverse mortgages on food and prescription drug security of the U.S. senior population

Joe Heimlich, Extension
Demand-side study of creative communities in a creative city (Columbus, Ohio)

Ronald Solomon, Mathematics
Ongoing research collaboration with Richard Lyons of Rutgers University; directed towards the completion of Monographs 7 &8 in the series, "The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups"

December 2015

Tim Berra, Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology, OSU-Mansfield
Continue studies of life history of nursery fish, Kurtus gulliveri, in northern Australia

David Goss, Mathematics
Attend Arithmetic of Function Fields Conference in Lyon, France, June 24-July 3, 2016

Richard Gunther, Political Science and Mershon Center for International Security Studies
Attend meetings in Istanbul, Turkey relating to the Comparative National Elections Project, July 23-28, 2016

John Hughes, Molecular Virology, Immunology, and Medical Genetics
Study the evaluate and quantitate toilet infectious and non-infectious aerosols by toilet types, toilet locations, and toilet operation

Virginia Richardson, College of Social Work
Explore seasoned gerontological social workers' views toward aging and second careers

Nancy Rogers, Moritz College of Law
Law student research assistance in the Divided Community Project in Moritz College of Law's Dispute Resolution Program

Tod Stuessy, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismic Biology
Attend the International Conference on Island Evolution, Ecology, and Conservation, July 1-22, 2016

December 2014

Laszlo Adler, Integrated Systems Engineering
Participation in the conference on New Advances in Acoustics in Shanghai, China

Rolf Barth, Pathology
Presentation of a paper on Boron Compounds and their Delivery for Neutron Capture Therapy at the International Congress of Radiation Research, Kyoto, Japan, May 2015

Paul Beck, Political Science
Support for ongoing activities with the Comparative National Election (CNEP)

Stig Bergstrom, Earth Sciences
Participation in the 12th International Ordovician Symposium in Harrisonburg, VA, Travel to Sweden and fieldwork in Scania and project discussion at Lund University

Martha Cooper, Marketing Logistics
Buckeye Get together- Networking

Leandro Cordero, Pediatrics
Stipend for a first year medical student doing a 6 week summer research project in regard to LATCH Scores and Breastfeeding Initiation

Robert Hamlin, Veterinary Biosciences
The anatomy and physiology differ among murine strains, and this study will identify those differences in structure and physiology, thus placing murine electrocardiography on a sound basis allowing for optimal extrapolation from mouse to man, and minimizing/reducing the number of mice that must be sacrificed.

Jeredith Merrin, English
Presentation at a conference on the poetry and poetic influences of the 20th Century American Modernist Poet Marianne Moore

Ardine Nelson, Art
Invited to exhibit my project "Green Spaces: Small Garden Communities of Dresden, Germany " at the Parkersburg Art Center, Parkersburg, West Virgina in late 2015. The executive director Abby Hayhurst has proposed that I also create new work in and around Parkersburg to include in the exhibition. My overarching theme of late has been the regeneration of life as represented by gardens but also the regeneration of buildings and environments. Photographing in Parkersburg will be an expansion of these ideas.

Charles Klopp, French Italian
Presentation of a paper on the writings of Antonio Tabucchi (1943-2012) at a conference on Postmodernism in Italian Literature held at the University of Istanbul

James Morganstern, History of Art
Research on the medieval churches of Notre-Dame and Saint-Pierre at the Norman Abbey of Jumièges

Laurel Richardson, Sociology
The American Sociological Association-Opportunities in Retirement Network (ASA-ORN) will have its inaugural program session at the ASA annual meetings in Chicago, August, 2015. Paper sessions, workshops and informal discussions and forums on pre- and post-retirement experiences and issues will be ongoing during the meetings

Duane W. Roller, Classics
Creation of the first modern English translation of the Geography of Strabo, published by Cambridge University Press in 2015. Work on a companion volume of commentary, an interpretive analysis that will elucidate the text of Strabo and make it more accessible to readers

Ronald Solomon, Mathematics
Continuation of collaborative work with Professor Richard Lyons of Rutgers University directed towards the completion of Monograph 7 of their series of books entitled “The Classification of the Finite Simple Groups”

Richard Steckel, Economics
As the PI of an NSF funded project on "Living Arrangements and Human Health over the Millennia" (BCS-0527658), a large collaborative effort with some 75 European scholars to measure and analyze human health using skeletal remains of approximately 16,000 individuals who lived across Europe from the late Roman era to the 19th century. We have collected and cleaned the data and undertaken the analysis in preparation for a special issue of a journal in medical anthropology.

Jacques Zakin, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
My research in experimental fluid mechanics involves the study of turbulent drag reducing (DR) solutions in recirculating systems. The intended application is for urban district heating/cooling systems (DHCS) in which these solutions are recirculated continuously while exchanging heat with buildings in the district. These solutions can reduce turbulent drag by up to 80% which results in significant savings in pumping energy and consequently operating costs.