eTimesheet System Overview

The eTimesheet system replaced outdated paper tracking forms in an effort to streamline business processes and improve the university's operational sustainability efforts. Employees can log their time from anywhere and supervisors can review and approve timesheets with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The eTimesheet system is used by all biweekly paid staff and student employees for submitting weekly hours for approval. There are two format options for biweekly employees within the eTimesheet system: Timesheet & Webclock.

Employees have the option for Overtime or Compensatory Time for any hours over 40 each week. All overtime should be discussed with supervisor before going over. Supervisors may indicate a preference for overtime or compensatory time selections based on department budget requirements, and this should be discussed prior to time worked and timesheet submission.

All comments within the eTimesheet system are public record, and personal details regarding illness or FMLA cases should be avoided.

Timesheet format

The Timesheet format allows for manual entry of hours at any time throughout the week. Employees can set the Preferences (top page menu) to enter in/out times or total daily hours. Supervisors should discuss their timesheet preferences with their employees at the start of employment. All students on Federal Work Study funding are required to use in/out timesheet view or webclock to track their time.

Webclock format

The Webclock format requires an In/Out punch at the start/end of each shift to track hours. Edits can be made for adjustments or missed punches, and each edit requires a comment explaining the reason for changes.  A webclock report is available for detailed punch information, so this option is ideal for departments with detailed time tracking needs.

Timesheet Submission

Biweekly paid employee timesheets are due every Monday at 10AM for the week prior, unless an earlier deadline has been established by employing unit. Timesheets that are not submitted by the deadline may result in a delay in pay. Any changes made after a timesheet has been approved will require resubmission for re-approval.

Timesheet Approval

Supervisors receive an email notification when a timesheet has been submitted. Supervisor approval is due every Monday at 3PM for timesheets for the week prior, unless an earlier deadline is provided by employing unit or employee has not met the 10AM timesheet submission deadline. Supervisors will have a backup approver (access assigned by department), and need to discuss timesheet approval with their backup approver in the case of planned/unplanned absences. Missed/late approvals may result in a delay in pay for employees.

For new department backup approvers, or changes to existing backup approvers, please contact Bobbie Houser.