University expands Pass/No Pass option for autumn 2020

University Community — November 9, 2020

University expands Pass/No Pass option for autumn 2020

University Senate voted today to expand opportunities for undergraduate students to take advantage of Pass/No Pass grading this semester by waiving a grade-point requirement.

Typically, students must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 to opt in for Pass/No Pass grading instead of a letter grade. In today’s vote, the Senate waived the requirement spelled out in Faculty Rule 3335-8-21 (K)(2)(a) for autumn semester 2020.

“Ohio State originally offered flexibility on grading because we recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected many students’ lives and learning experiences,” said Russell K. Marzette Jr., chair of the Council of Enrollment and Student Progress and an assistant professor of practice in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. “This additional flexibility is designed to support students who may be particularly vulnerable to the impact of COVID-related disruptions, such as our underrepresented minority, first generation, and economically disadvantaged students.”

The waiver of the GPA requirement offers flexibility to more than 800 additional undergraduates. The deadline to request Pass/No Pass grading for this semester is Nov. 20.

In September, the Senate approved the use of Pass/No Pass for both General Education and elective courses for autumn semester. Under the standard faculty rule, students may opt in for this grading only for elective courses.

Any student who is considering Pass/No Pass is encouraged to consult with their advisor, and students who have less than a 2.0 GPA are required to do so. Pass/No Pass is not appropriate in all cases, and advisers will be able to provide guidance for students who may need to earn certain grades to maintain scholarships or to successfully apply for graduate or professional school.

Students must earn a grade of D or better to receive a "Pass," which provides academic credit toward graduation, but does not factor into a student's grade-point average.

For undergraduate courses that are required as part of a major, minor or program, some colleges and schools offer Pass/No Pass options. For more information, see the Grading policy changes for autumn 2020 webpage.