Fellows & Trainee Appointments

Undergraduate/graduate Fellows and trainees do not render service to receive their stipend payments; therefore, they are not considered employees of The Ohio State University. These appointment types are entered into the HR database only to accommodate the stipend payments.

Once the Fellow/Trainee has been selected, please submit the Hire HR Action Request to add the appointment.

Information Needed for Hire HRA

  • Employee Name
  • Employee ID (for current/former/future students at OSU)
  • Pay rate for hire – Monthly rate only, annual salary option is not sufficient for fellow/trainee appointments
  • Position Number
  • Proposed Start Date – Please review additional resources for Graduate School dates
  • Manager/Reports To name and eTimesheet Supervisor for approvals
  • Department Number
  • Funding chartfield
  • Work Location, please include the room number when possible
  • Standard weekly hours will always be 0.1
  • Student’s OSU email (name.#@osu.edu only for OSU students)
  • Appointment end date

Required Documentation

  • Fellowship award letter (if available)
  • Trainee program acceptance letter (if available)

Hire Process Timeline

Graduate Fellowship positions must follow the Graduate School Appointment Dates unless approval has been granted by the Graduate School. Trainee appointments do not have set appointment dates.

Please provide at least 3-5 business days for processing prior to the appointment start date. The service center will enter all Graduate Fellow appointments prior to the University’s Grad Fee Authorization Hire Deadline so long as the necessary approval and clearance is received.

The fellow/trainee will receive a “welcome email” from the service center within one business day of final approval of the request. This email explains the DocuSign paperwork that will be sent. No service center visit or I-9 will be required since they are not employed at OSU. Instructions will be attached for setting up direct deposit for the stipend payments and Glacier for International student taxes.

Once DocuSign is received, the appointment will be entered. No follow up communication will be sent to the supervisor or fellow/trainee unless additional information is needed for the completion of the Hire request by the expected date.

HRA Request Approval Workflow

1st/2nd Level Department Approvers (varies by unit) and Final Service Center Approval