A Sense of Place is ...
“Having a place that has meaning and value to you,
a place where you feel attached to both the physical and social environment.”
Rogers and Bragg, 2012


Faculty are encouraged to apply for a Framework Project Grant. Grants are available for place-based learning collaborations between faculty and students to support the advancement of the One Ohio State Framework Plan.

The One Ohio State Framework Plan is based on the belief that, “the academic mission must shape the physical environment of the university across all six campuses.” The grant provides faculty opportunities to advance the academic mission and the vision of one university community through creative and collaborative place-based projects.

Framework Project Grants in the amount of $5,000 and $10,000 support faculty in projects that engage interdisciplinary teams of faculty and students in the development of the physical environment to cultivate cross-disciplinary learning, facilitate place-based learning, and enhance academic relationships between faculty and students. Project based proposals include: curricular, co-curricular, problem-based or asset based approaches, service opportunities, or the development of living learning experiences between faculty and students.


Two levels of funding are available based on criteria outlined in the Grant Application Form:
Level 1 = Up to $10,000
Level 2 = Up to $5,000

Up to (2) Level 1 awards will be granted. Up to (4) Level 2 awards will be granted.
(Please request only the funds necessary to support the project.)

Grant funding period: May 1, 2014 - April 30, 2015

Final ‘Project Reports’ are due: May 31, 2015


Full time faculty (any track, rank or campus) are eligible to apply for either level of funding. Experience with the Framework plan, campus-based projects, or living-learning projects, such as STEP (Second-Year Transformational Experience Program) is desired.

Grant Application

Submit the grant application in a combined PDF file by March 28, 2014 to Framework Faculty Co-Fellows Susan Melsop and Karen Hutzel at melsop.3@osu.edu with Framework Project Grant Proposal in the subject line.

Important Dates

Information Session: March 6, 2014 (The Collaboratory, 131 Sullivant Hall at 12:00pm)
Proposal Due Date: March 28, 2014
Notification to Grant Recipients: April 25, 2014

The information session will be broadcast live on Ustream at: http://ustre.am/1aKHE