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The Ohio State University is committed to educating students broadly for life as well as educating students for their future careers and professions. The commitment to educating students broadly is realized through Ohio State’s General Education (GE), a foundational element of the undergraduate educational experience at the university. The GE is important to every student and to every academic unit. The GE enhances the undergraduate experience and complements the student's major program of study. Commitment to these core principles remains a foundation of the General Education Review.  

Your input is important and encouraged. Please use the "General Feedback" and "Solicited Feedback" boxes below to submit your input to the committee.

Why review GE?

Late in 2016, the University Senate’s Council on Academic Affairs (CAA), based on a report from the University-Level Advisory Committee (ULAC) on the General Education (GE), recommended a review of the current GE program. The recommendation is based on ULAC’s insights through its continuous monitoring of the GE over the past decade, as well as its recent discussion about several contemporary issues that have aligned to prompt such a review. Please review the full report for more details.

In February 2017, a 16-member GE Review Coordinating Committee [Co-Chaired by Professors Lawrence Krissek (School of Earth Sciences) and Catherine Montalto (Department of Human Sciences)] was established to conduct the review. The process is being staffed by the Office of Academic Affairs through Vice Provost W. Randy Smith.

GE Review Process

The GE Review will proceed through three broad phases.

  • Commencing in February “Listening Sessions” have been and continue to be held throughout the university community to solicit input from constituencies. All members of the university community are encouraged to use the feedback function on this website to contribute ideas to the process.
  • The GE Review Coordinating Committee is meeting throughout the Summer of 2017 and using input from the “Listening Sessions” and the related literature and research to outline goals and possible template(s) for the GE.
  • During Autumn Semester 2017 “Listening Sessions” will again be conducted in order to share the proposed goals and template(s) and to solicit input and feedback from constituencies.


GE Review Coordinating Committee Meetings

Tuesdays, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

  • May 2 - Review and discuss the foundation of the present General Education program.
  • May 9 - Review and discuss key literature on General Education.
  • May 16 - Review input received to date through the listening sessions as well as through personal interactions as members of the General Education Review Coordinating Committee.
  • May 23 - Review general education models at other institutions.
  • May 30 - Updates on the College Credit Plus Program and Initiatives in the Office of Distance Education and eLearning; Review input from OSU Departments
  • June 13 - Conversation with University of Cincinnati about their GE review process; Discussion of ideas for the OSU general education program
  • June 27 - Conversation with University of Nebraska-Lincoln about their GE program; Continue discussion of ideas for the OSU general education program
  • July 11 - Time devoted to work of the three subcommittees, and sharing of information with the full committee.
  • July 25  - Conversation with Provost Bruce McPheron; Reports from each of the three subcommittees

GE Review Coordinating Committee

Co-Chair: Lawrence A. Krissek.1, School of Earth Sciences, College of Arts & Sciences
Co-Chair: Catherine P. Montalto.2, Department of Human Sciences, College of Education and Human Ecology


  • Samer Abusway.1, Undergraduate Student Government, College of Engineering
  • Carol Anelli.7, Department of Entomology, College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences,
  • Janice Aski.1, Department of French and Italian, College of Arts and Sciences,
  • Mario Belfiglio.5, Undergraduate Student Government, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Wendy Bowles.107, College of Nursing
  • David Brakke.2, Department of History, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Carlos Castro.39, Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering,
  • Meg Daly.66, Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology College of Arts and Sciences
  • Kate Greer.219, Undergraduate Student Government, College of Arts and Scienes (alternate)
  • Susan Hadley.4, Department of Dance, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Ruth Kinder.9, Department of Chemistry, College of Arts and Sciences, OSU Lima
  • Nicole Kwiek.1, College of Pharmacy
  • Andrew Martin.1026, Department of Sociology, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Matthew Mayhew.65, Department of Educational Studies, College of Education and Human Ecology
  • Beverly Moss.1, Department of English, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Raymond Noe.22, Department of Management and Human Resources, Fisher College of Business
  • Megan Simmons.583 – Undergraduate Student, John Glenn College of Public Affairs

Ex Officio Representation

  • Roger Anderson.2299, Council of Graduate Students, College of Education and Human Ecology
  • Allison Armstrong.684, University Libraries
  • Jennie Babcock.79, College of Social Work
  • Kris Coleman.236, Office of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Alan Kalish.3, University Center for the Advancement of Teaching
  • Anne Krabacher.4, University Honors and Scholars
  • Jack Miner.10, Office of the University Registrar
  • Cory Tressler.8, Office of Distance Education and e-Learning
  • John Wanzer.1, Office of Undergraduate Education
  • W. Randy Smith.70, Vice Provost for Academic Programs, Office of Academic Affairs - Staff support for the Committee

Updates from the Committee

  • Listening Sessions (5/25/17)
  • Invitation for Input from Chairs and Directors (5/22/17)


Lawrence Krissek.1
Professor, School of Earth Sciences

Catherine P. Montalto.2
Associate Professor, Department of Human Sciences

W. Randy Smith.70
Vice Provost for Academic Programs
Office of Academic Affairs

General Feedback

Solicited Feedback

The GE Review Coordinating Committee has identified three questions for specific feedback. Please respond to one or more of the questions below.