From the Provost — June 26, 2019

Greg Rose to serve as executive dean for regional campuses

Dear Colleagues:

I write to share that Gregory S. Rose, PhD, dean and director of The Ohio State University at Marion, has accepted my offer to serve the additional role of executive dean for regional campuses. Subject to approval by the Board of Trustees, his appointment is effective July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2021.

This two-year position is selected from the regional deans and directors, and the role is eligible for reappointment. The executive dean serves as chair of the Coordinating Council of Regional Campus Deans and Directors and is responsible for such other matters pertinent to the regional campuses designated by the provost.

Dean Rose will follow our Newark campus Dean and Director Bill MacDonald, whose exemplary leadership as executive dean since 2010 has played an integral role helping craft the current regional campus visioning document and subsequently working to highlight student success as the common priority across campuses. In addition, he led several regional campus summits that brought together faculty and staff, university wide, for professional development. He also co-created the academic leadership program for regional faculty and staff.

Bill represented the regional campuses on a variety of university-wide committees and working groups, including, but not limited to: Senior Management Council, Second-Year Transformational Experience Program (STEP) Steering Committee, college strategic plan reviews, Health Plan Oversight, and the Enrollment Management Steering Committee.

Please join me in thanking Bill for providing outstanding leadership to a number of strategic planning processes that have better poised regional campuses for the future.

Many thanks to Greg for adding this pivotal role to his leadership responsibilities. The strengths of the regional campuses advance our academic mission in myriad ways, and I’m excited about the promise they bring to Ohio State faculty, students and staff on all campuses. Sincerely,

Bruce A. McPheron, PhD
Executive Vice President and Provost