Guggenheim Fellows

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation

From the Guggenheim Foundation website: "Often characterized as 'midcareer' awards, Guggenheim Fellowships are intended for men and women who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts."

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The following faculty members of The Ohio State University have been recognized as Guggenheim fellows.

Current Faculty

  • Julia Andrews, Distinguished University Professor of History of Art
  • James Bartholomew, Professor of History of Science & Technology, 2001 Humanities
  • James Beatty, Professor of Astronomy-Astrophysics, 2001 Natural Sciences
  • Barbara Becker-Cantarino, Professor of Germanic Languages and Literatures, 1985 Humanities
  • Morris Beja, Professor of English, 1972 Humanities
  • Alan Beyerchen, Professor of History, 1983 Humanities
  • Kevin Boyle, Humanities Distinguished Professor of History, 2001 Humanities
  • John Brooke, Humanities Distinguished Professor of History, 1997 Humanities
  • Henri Cole, Professor of Poetry, 2005 Creative Arts
  • Sarah Cole, Professor of LIterary Criticism, 2014 Humanities 
  • Alice Conklin, Professor of History, 2000 Humanities
  • Ovidiu Costin, Professor of Mathematics, 2008 Natural Sciences
  • Kevin R. Cox, Professor of Geography & Environmental Studies, 2000 Social Sciences
  • Dick Davis, Professor of Near Eastern Studies, 1999 Humanities
  • Robert C. Davis, Professor of History, 1999 Renaissance History
  • Carter Findley, Professor of History, 2003 Humanities
  • Avner Friedman, Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics, 1966 Natural Sciences
  • Fritz Graf, Distinguished University Professor of Classics, 2004 Humanities
  • Barbara Hanawalt, Professor of History, 1988 Humanities
  • David Haskell, Professor of Science Writing, 2014 Creative Arts
  • Robert Hite, Professor of Fine Arts, 2014 Creative Arts
  • Tin-Lun Ho, Professor of Physics, 1999 Natural Sciences
  • Andrew Hudgins, Professor of Poetry, 2004 Creative Arts
  • Gregory Jusdanis, Professor of Near Eastern Studies, 1992 Humanities
  • Steven Kern, Humanities Distinguished Professor of History, 2002 Humanities
  • Bruce A. Kimball, Professor of Education, 2011 Social Sciences 
  • John N. King, Distinguished University Professor and Humanities Distinguished Professor of English and of Religious Studies, 2009 Bibliography
  • Joseph Lynch, Professor of History, 1999 Humanities
  • Judith Mayne, Distinguished Humanities Professor of French, 2008 Film, Video and Radio Studies
  • Bebe Miller, Professor of Choreography, 1975 Creative Arts
  • Henry Moscovici, Professor of Mathematics, 1995 Natural Sciences
  • John E. Mueller, Woody Hayes Chair of National Security Studies at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies, 1987 Political Science
  • Ardine Nelson, Professor of Photography, 2008 Creative Arts
  • Geoffrey Parker, Distinguished University Professor and Andreas Dorpalen Professor of European History and Associate of the Mershon Center for International Security Studies, 2001 Humanities
  • Amy Shuman, Professor of Folklore & Popular Culture, 1989 Humanities
  • Fei-Ran Tian, Professor of Mathematics, 2003 Natural Sciences
  • J. Marshall Unger, Professor of Linguistics, 2004 Humanities
  • Dongping Zhong, Professor of Chemistry, 2013 Natural Sciences