Hiring Graduate Associates

For assistance with updating/creating a graduate associate position or posting a vacancy on the student job boards, see Positions and Job Openings.

A Supervisor Hiring Checklist is available to assist with the steps through the hire and onboarding process.

Once the selected GA candidate has accepted the offer (via a signed Graduate Appointment document), please submit the Hire HR Action Request.

Information Needed for Hire HRA

  • Employee Name
  • Employee ID (for current/former/future students at OSU)
  • Pay rate for hire – Please review additional resources for minimum stipend
  • Position Number
  • Proposed Start Date – Please review Grad School issued dates
  • Manager/Reports To name and eTimesheet Supervisor for approvals
  • Department Number
  • Funding chartfield
  • Work Location, please include the room number when possible
  • Standard weekly hours – Graduate School approval required for any appointments < or > 50% FTE
  • Student’s Ohio State email (name.#@osu.edu only for Ohio State students)
  • End employment date based on appointment document
  • Please note in Additional Information if a background check is required

Hire Process Timeline

Graduate Associate positions must follow the Graduate School Appointment Dates unless approval has been granted by the Graduate School. Approval may be attached to the request or the request may be assigned for ad hoc approval from the appropriate Graduate School contact. Student actual service dates may vary from the appointment dates so long as contract duties are met for the semester. All hire paperwork must be completed within first three business days in which the student is performing work.

Please submit Hire request to allow a minimum of 10 business days for background check completion, including time for HRA approval. If no background check is required, please provide 3-5 business days for processing.

The student employee will receive a “welcome email” from the service center within one business day of final approval of the request. This email explains the necessary steps including some/all of the following: background check authorization process, DocuSign paperwork, scheduling website for those that require a service center visit, and the identification documents required at that visit for the I-9. Supervisors and unit HR contacts will be included on the welcome email. The hiring process may vary by employee based on OSU work history.

The student will be entered into the employment database and receive a “follow up email” within one business day of the background check and DocuSign hire paperwork completion. The service center will enter all GA appointments prior to the University’s Grad Fee Authorization Hire Deadline so long as the necessary approval is received.

Finally, the GA will need to complete the service center visit (if one is required per the welcome email) within the first three business days of work to comply with I-9 regulations. The service center will communicate with the hiring manager and unit HR contact nearing the start date for any steps/documents that are outstanding.

HRA Request Approval Workflow

1st/2nd Level Department Approvers (varies by unit) and Final Service Center Approval.