Hiring Staff and Faculty

For assistance with updating/creating a position and/or a vacancy, see Positions and Job Openings.

Nearly all staff/faculty positions must be posted for a minimum of one week prior to hiring. See HR's Recruitment and Selection policy (4.10) for details. For assistance with the recruitment and selection process, please contact your department HR representative. 

All staff/faculty hires must complete an online application.  For positions that did not require posting, please contact your Service Center HR Specialist for a link to your department's general online posting.

All staff/faculty hires will sign a letter of offer containing the proposed start date, employment term (if temporary or term), and pay rate/salary information. See additional resources below for assistance with creating letters of offer. When deciding on a proposed start date, please allow for 10 business days for completion of a background check.

A Supervisor Hiring Checklist is available to assist with the steps through the hire and onboarding process.

Once the job posting is complete and the selected candidate has accepted the offer (via a signed letter), please submit the Hire HR Action Request.

Helpful Tip

Revisit the Create New/Fill Existing Position HRA and click the “Ready to Hire” button at the bottom to begin a Hire HRA. This will fill in some of the position information and link the two HRA’s together for quick reference.

Information Needed for Hire HRA

  • Employee Name
  • Employee ID (if available for current or previous employees/students at OSU. If uncertain, please leave blank)
  • Pay rate for hire - Hourly, Monthly or Annual. Please make sure it is evenly divisible based on pay frequency and FTE (100% FTE = 12 months/2,080 hours)
  • Position Number and Job Opening ID Number
  • Proposed Start Date – Please allow 10 business days from request submission for background check completion
  • Manager/Reports To name and eLeave/eTimesheet Supervisor for approvals
  • Department Number
  • Funding chartfield
  • Work Location, please include the room number when possible
  • Standard weekly hours
  • New Hire’s personal email and phone number for service center communication (mobile phone preferred for DocuSign authentication process)
  • End employment date for Temporary and Term employees

Required Documentation

  • Signed Letter of Offer
  • Resume attached, or phone number and type (mobile preferred) listed in HRA Comments for DocuSign authentication process
  • Reemployment of Faculty and Staff Request form with OHR/OAA approval (for rehiring retirees only)

Hire Process Timeline

Please select a proposed start date on the letter of offer that will allow a minimum of 10 business days for background check completion, including time for HRA approval. If no background check is required, please submit the request to provide 3 business days for processing. Employees cannot begin working until the background check is complete, when required.

A new employee will receive a “welcome email” from the service center within one business day of final approval of the request. This email explains the necessary steps including some/all of the following: background check authorization process, DocuSign paperwork, scheduling website for those that require a service center visit, and the identification documents required at that visit for the I-9. Supervisors and unit HR contacts will be included on the welcome email. The hiring process may vary by employee based on OSU work history.

The new employee will be entered into the employment database and receive a “follow up email” within one business day of the background check and DocuSign hire paperwork completion. This email will confirm that the background check is complete and provide the Employee ID and username which will allow units/managers to begin preparation for the new employee’s first day. For semester appointed Lecturers, this is the ideal time to request Sponsored Guest Access using the assigned name.# if pre- or post- appointment access will be necessary. See additional resources below for instructions.

Finally, the new employee will need to complete the service center visit (if one is required per the welcome email) on or before their first day of work. The I-9 document must be completed within 3 days of the start date per federal regulations. The service center will communicate with the hiring manager and unit HR contact nearing the start date for any steps/documents that are outstanding.

If the background check has not cleared by the proposed start date, the new hire must be contacted to set a new start date. The service center and Background Check Coordinators will be in contact via HRA Comments and emails when this type of change is necessary. Employees may not begin working prior to background check completion.

Request Approval Workflow

1st/2nd Level Department Approvers (varies by unit) and Final Service Center Approval