HR Action System Overview

The HR Action (HRA) system is used to request changes to the HRIS database and record HR transaction data. University reporting data is reliant on the data submitted via HR Action, so complete and accurate requests are essential.

Several levels of access are available for HRA system use:

  1. Inquiry Access – Ability to view and search for HRA’s based on department access, cannot make changes or submit requests.
  2. Initiator Access – Ability to create and submit HRA’s, and view all HRA’s submitted based on department access.
  3. Supervisor Access – Ability to submit HRA’s for own employee list, and view only own list of previously submitted requests.
  4. First Level Approval Access – First level approver after submission; this level is housed within the unit. May be responsible to complete unfinished information such as chartfield when required.
  5. Second Level Approval Access – Second level approver receives once First Level approver has approved request; this level is also housed within the unit. Some units do not use this level.
  6. Final Level Approval Access – Final approver to review request before assigned for service center entry; this level is housed within the service center to allow for any necessary final changes prior to processing (all changes discussed with unit).
  7. Service Center Access – Ability to view all requests based on department access, but only access to change information in Comments and Service Center Activity section. This access is used for the HR service center and background check coordinators to record progress updates in requests.

For new access/access changes in the HR Action system, please contact Bobbie Houser at

There are 11 HR Actions (HRA) types of requests available:

HR Action Name

Scenarios for Use

1.     Hire

New Hires, rehires, concurrent positions, promotions, and transfers to new positions

2.     Terminate

All types of separations, includes transfers out of department

3.     Pay Additional Compensation

Payments in addition to salary for employment arrangements (payroll approved payment types only)

4.     Change Rate of Pay

Increases or decreases in pay rate/salary amounts without changes to position

5.     Change Funding Source

Current/Future and retroactive changes in payroll expense funding source

6.     Change Number of Hours Worked Per Week

Increases or decreases in standard hours/FTE within same position

7.     Update Job Duties/Responsibilities

Changes to position including reclassifications, title changes, and description updates

8.     Change Other Employee Data

Changes to department number, supervisor, webclock usage, business contact information, etc.

9.     Fill Existing Position

Updates/changes to existing vacant, or soon to be vacant, positions to post or fill

10.   Create New Position

Creation of new position to post or fill

11.    Other

Other changes such as leave donation, service dates, volunteer background checks

For assistance with submitting HRA’s, please visit Transaction Resources by Type and review the details for the category options.

OAA Unit Role

Supervisors and HR Professionals within the OAA units are responsible for collecting information regarding HR actions and employee changes and submitting HRA requests for processing. The first, and second if assigned, level(s) of approval are also completed within the OAA unit, generally by the HR contact/department.

OAA HR Service Center Role

Once approved at the unit level, the HRA requests are assigned to the HR Service Center for final review and approval.

The OAA Service Center HR Specialists review each request to verify information is in compliance with university policy and procedures, and ensure all information needed for processing is present. Once a request receives Final Approval, it is routed to the Service Center HR Associates for processing into PeopleSoft or appropriate university HR system/database.

Once entries are completed in the HR database(s) and HR Action requests are completed, the HR Specialists run reports to review for any discrepancies on a weekly basis.

Auto-Approve Requests

There are three HRA types that do not go through workflow approval: Change Funding Source, Change Other Employee Data, and Terminations (with exception of Involuntary). These types will flow directly to the service center worklist for entry once submitted.

Send Notification

The Send Notification button at the bottom of the request allows emails to be generated and sent through the HRA system with a link for easy access. The email will not show in the sender’s email unless they are included. We recommend sending all Notifications to yourself and the intended recipient for a record of the information you’ve requested. Frequent email addresses can be added in the Preferences for easier notification sending.

System Preferences

Many preferences are available for HRA system users in the Preferences link on the top menu:

Email Notification on/off will determine whether you will receive HRA system emails when sending, approving or cancelling HRA requests.

Send Notification Email Addresses can be added for your frequent contacts for ease in sending messages.

Ad Hoc approvers can be established for easier selection based on HR Action type for those that require frequent Ad Hoc approval status.

Supervisor Favorites can be added to allow for a drop down menu selection in new requests to quickly select the supervisor of the employee in the request. This is beneficial for administrators that often submit HRAction requests on behalf of supervisors within their department.


Coming soon!

Additional Resources

HR Service Center Team – Your HR Service Center team is available to assist with any questions.

Service Center Activity Terms Glossary:

HR Activity Comment/Status


Additional Information Requested

Service center has contacted supervisor or HRP to request additional information/clarification to process request

BGC or Background Check

  • Background Check Initiated
  • Background Check Pending/Ordered
  • Background Check Complete/Clear

Background check required for hire process.

  • OHR sent authorization email to candidate for completion
  • Candidate returned authorization email and check has been ordered
  • Candidate is cleared for hire

DS or DocuSign

Electronic hiring paperwork packet sent to hires for contact information, policy acknowledgement and more. Packets are assigned based on hire type.

Fiscal Approval Pending

Pending correction or row deletion from Payroll Services before further action may be taken

Follow up email sent

Email confirmation during the hire process. Staff/Faculty hires – confirms completion of background check and DocuSign paperwork, with Employee ID # and username. Students – confirms entire hire process is complete and student may begin working.

Future Action Needed

Ready for system entry, possibly too early to enter or prioritized after other active requests with deadline implications

Hire Complete

Confirms that the hire process is now complete and employee has no further actions needed.

HR Paperwork Pending

Pending the DocuSign paperwork or SSA form that was emailed to employee

HRA Complete

Confirms that the transaction/request is complete

HRA Reopened

This status means that there is a detail in the HR database that is being changed/corrected, but no further HRP, supervisor or hire actions are required

I-9 (needed, on file, current)

Federally required Employment Eligibility Document, required for all active OSU employees. Must be collected, located, or updated as needed at the time of hires, rehires and transfers

In Process

HRA received at service center but no action has yet been taken. If it is assigned to the OHR Background check team (Gina Thorpe), it is pending employee authorization to begin the check

NCNS/No Call, No Show

Hire was a no call, no show to service center appointment, and needs to reschedule to complete paperwork

OPERS (needed, exemption status)

OPERS Student Exemption form-students are eligible to complete within 30 days of initial OSU hire and after 12+ month break in student employment. Notes in HRA indicate current status or opportunity to complete document if applicable.

Pending I-9 Documentation

Employee visited service center for appointment, but must return with missing I-9 Identification documents. Students may not begin working until identification documents are returned. Staff must return them within 3 business days of hire.

OHR Approval Pending

Further entry is pending OHR Compensation/Talent approval

Personnel File/I-9 Requested

Pending completion or transfer of the I-9 document. Student hires – pending a visit to the service center.  Staff/faculty transfer – it may take additional time to transfer the document within OSU, but will not delay the hire process.

SC Appointment or Visit

Service Center visit is required for the completion of the Social Security Acknowledgement (SSA) form and I-9 document

Separation Payout Needed

Termination has been processed and separation payout is needed during upcoming payroll processing period

SSA form

Social Security Acknowledgement form, required for all new employees and rehires with any break in service

Under Compliance Review

Review or adjustment is needed to entry in HRIS, but initial processing is complete

Welcome email sent

Begins the hiring process by detailing the steps required