From the Provost — August 18, 2017

Important New Federal Guidelines for All Instructors

Dear Colleagues,

To comply with federal Title IV regulations, Ohio State is required to note whether a student does not attend class, or does not participate in class through Carmen, during the first week of the semester. To accomplish this, the University Registrar will be launching a Participation Roster in your Faculty Center, accessible through Buckeye LInk, this fall.

The Participation Roster should be completed for each class. An instructor will indicate with a “yes” or “no” whether a student attended at least one class during the first week (or participated through Carmen). The default for each student is set to “yes,” so action is required by an instructor only when a student has not attended or participated. 

The requirement to collect the data is rooted in federal financial aid guidelines. If a student fails to attend or participate during the first week, he or she might be ineligible for financial aid. The faculty rule (3335-8-33) that allows an instructor to disenroll a student for non-attendance remains the same, as does the university’s policy for disenrolling students who have not paid fees.

As the semester approaches, the University Registrar will email more information and a link to the roster to instructors scheduled to teach fall classes. If you have questions, please contact the


Bruce A. McPheron, PhD
Executive Vice President and Provost