Jeredith Merrin

Professor Emeritus of English

Jeredith Merrin’s first two poetry books—Shift (a Lambda Literary Award finalist) and Bat Ode—appeared in the University of Chicago Press Phoenix Poets series, and her third collection, Cup, was issued by Able Muse Press in 2014. Her chapbook Owling (each poem in a different form and addressing a different owl species) won the Grayson Books Prize in 2016. Her reviews and essays—on Moore, Bishop, John Clare, Charlotte Mew, Yehuda Amichai, Billy Collins, Kenneth Koch, Chana Bloch, and others—have appeared in The Southern Review and elsewhere, and she’s authored an influential critical book (An Enabling Humility) on Marianne Moore and Elizabeth Bishop. After her retirement from O.S.U., she continues to teach writing workshops at A.S.U., in bookstores and at other Arizona venues.  Her current poetry manuscript is entitled A P A R T. An epigraph to A P A R T (from Gerard Manley Hopkins), says something about her approach to writing: “What you look hard at seems to look hard at you.”