Terry A. Miller

Ohio Eminent Scholar
Emeritus Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Terry Miller obtained his undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Kansas. After receiving his Ph.D. from Cambridge University on a Marshall Scholarship, he went to Bell Laboratories where he became a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff. Thereafter he moved to The Ohio State University as the first Ohio Eminent Scholar Professor. He has held visiting faculty appointments at Princeton University, Stanford University, and the Institute for Molecular Science in Japan.

Dr. Miller's research centers on the spectroscopic identification, characterization and monitoring of reactive and/or trace chemical species.  He has developed numerous highly sensitive, spectroscopic techniques spanning frequencies from the microwave to the ultraviolet.  Presently, his work focuses upon laser induced fluorescence and cavity ringdown spectroscopy of reactive intermediates. These intermediates play critical roles in a variety of processes of interest to our society and economy, including combustion, atmospheric chemistry, and plasma processing of electronic devices. The spectra of these species serve as key diagnostics to monitor their chemical reactions and characterize their geometric and electronic structures.

He is author of more than 350 scientific publications. His research has been recognized with the Meggars Award (Optical Society of America), the Bomem-Michaelson Award (Coblentz Society), the Bourke Medal (Royal Society of Chemistry), the Broida Prize and Plyler Prize (American Physical Society), the Morley Prize (Cleveland Section of the American Chemical Society) and the Ioannes Marcus Marci Medal (Czechoslavak Spectroscopic Society). He has been granted the recognition of Fellow by the American Chemical Society, American Physical Society, Optical Society of America and American Association for the Advancement of Science. He presently serves as Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy and for 22 years was Chair of the International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy which annually attracts approximately 500 conferees. He sits on several other journal editorial boards and conference program committees, and currently chairs the Advisory Committee for the International Free Radicals Symposium.