Online Learning

Ohio State Online

Ohio State Online serves as the coordinating unit for Ohio State’s online, professional, and continuing education offerings. 

    Our team works in partnership with colleges and units to:

    • Ensure alignment with the university’s academic mission. 

    • Allow for consistency in standards, support, learner experiences, and processes to inform Ohio State’s online and continuing education portfolio growth.

    • Provide instructor and learner support to meet shifting institutional and learner needs.

    Contact the Ohio State Online team by emailing 

    Our work is driven by three guiding principles:

    1. Value

      Focusing on the differentiating factors of our online programs when communicating to potential learners marks the value of earning an Ohio State degree or certificate online. These differentiating factors have earned Ohio State consistently high U.S. News and World Report Best Online Programs rankings. A growing portfolio of online learning opportunities is one of the best modern ways Ohio State can achieve its land-grant mission to expand access, affordability, and excellent education to a larger set of learners who may be unable to come to campus due to life and work commitments.  

    2. Quality

      All online degree and certificate programs uphold the integrity and quality for which Ohio State is known. Students are held to the same high admissions standards as those on campus, and courses are developed in collaboration with Ohio State’s world-renowned faculty and Ohio State Online instructional design experts.  

    3. Rigor

      Providing consistent, rigorous learning experiences for on-campus and online graduate students who are prepared to enter and grow within today’s evolving workforce. Students learning online at Ohio State are held to the same rigorous course standards and are taught by the same faculty from the same colleges as their on-campus peers, often learning alongside campus-based students.