"Other" HRA Type

The Other option is reserved for those items that do not fit into other categories, but require department approval. This action type is most frequently used for:

  • Background checks, for volunteers or existing staff, that are not tied to the hire process but other position/access requirements (such as motor vehicle check, fingerprinting, financial credit check, etc.).
  • Service date adjustments based on other Ohio state agency service letters.
  • Vacation donations.
  • Payroll pre-approved bulk additional pays (large group of 50+ lines, must be requested in advance).
  • Leave of Absences or Return from Leave entries needed. If you are unsure whether an action is needed for an employee's leave or return, please contact your service center HR Specialist.

If you need assistance with identifying the correct HRA type for items that are not on the list above, please contact your service center HR Specialist for assistance.