Pay Additional Compensation

Pay Additional Compensation

Additional compensation includes payments outlined in an employment agreement for students, staff and faculty such as:

  • Supplemental compensation
  • Bonuses outside of AMCP
  • Staff awards
  • Administrative attachments
  • Off duty pay
  • Approved living expenses. 

There are a variety of payment types that cannot be processed through HRAction including PREP/honorarium, purchase reimbursements, consulting, travel reimbursements, and relocation expenses, which may be processed directly through Payroll Services or the financial system.

Employees in the unpaid pay group (0.1 standard hours) cannot receive additional pay without being hired into a concurrent eligible appointment. This includes Faculty Emeritus and Fellows. Please contact your Service Center HR Specialist to discuss options and required additional approval and steps before approving the individual to perform work. Late requests may result in inability to set up a payroll account, violation of fellowship agreement terms, and/or noncompliance with federal I-9 regulations.

Documentation may be required based on the type of additional payment. Documents signed through DocuSign will be accepted for any of the required document types. Please see the list below by payment type.

Additional Compensation Types

Short term project/duties assigned that are outside the scope of the existing role.

Eligible Employee Type: Full-time faculty & staff

Acceptable Dates/Length: One time payments, or short term=1-6 months (requires Compensation approval to exceed 6 months)

Documentation & Approvals Required:

  • The Supplemental Compensation form with signatures of approval or electronic
  • Ad Hoc approval through the HRA system (includes employee, home department supervisor, paying unit authorized approval)
  • A detailed explanation of the work being performed, including date range and payment amount

Notes: Supplemental Pay may not exceed 20% of an employee’s salary in the AMCP year. Supplemental pay within the employing unit should only be for work outside of an employee’s regular duties as outlined in the position description.

Short term project/duties assigned that are outside the scope of the existing role or cannot be paid through regular timekeeping practices.

Eligible Employee Type: Part-time faculty, staff & students.

Acceptable Dates/Length: One-time payments, ongoing payments may require additional approval

Documentation Required:

  • A detailed explanation of the work being performed,
  • Date range and Payment amount

Notes: All biweekly paid employees must have the payment listed by hours and hourly rate rather than total. Some situations may require a concurrent appointment for payment; the Service Center will assist with identifying additional steps when necessary.

Payment for shift differentials

Eligible Employee Type: Part-time staff – eligible departments/positions will be documented by unit

Acceptable Dates/Length: Must follow the documented unit procedure for eligible positions/departments

Documentation Required: Spreadsheet/list providing dates, number of hours worked and rate differential.

Note: The amount will be added to the next available check date

Used to document taxable gifts, awards, gift cards, and any other non-cash items given to employees as outlined in the Expenditures policy.

Documentation Required:

  • A detailed description of the item and value.
  • The chartfield will match the employee’s wages; it is applied to gross income, but will not generate a payment

Note: The amount will be added to the next available check date for taxation

Payments for work performed during off duty period and eligible dates

Eligible Employee Type: 9/12 month faculty members

Acceptable Dates/Length: See the Off Duty Pay Calendar & Guidelines for acceptable dates and restrictions

Documentation Required:

Notes: Please contact your service center HR Specialist for assistance with calculations or guidelines

Payment for major administrative assignments (Chair of Committee, Director of program, etc.)

Eligible Employee Type: Faculty members (for staff, see Supplemental Compensation above)

Acceptable Dates/Length: Payment should coincide with the dates of service in the administrative capacity

Documentation & Approvals Required:

  • Signed Memorandum of Understanding detailing the assignment, dates, payment amounts
  • Approval is required by Home/TIU department and Office of Academic Affairs

Payment of an award based on an approved Rewards & Recognition program

Eligible Employee Type: Staff, faculty and student employees

Acceptable Dates/Length: One-time payment

Documentation Required:

  • Detailed explanation of award
  • Letter to employee outlining award and amount

Note: If award program is not documented, or you are unsure of the appropriate payment type, please contact your HR service center specialist for assistance.

One-time payments as an incentive based on performance or accomplishment in employee’s role

Eligible Employee Type: Staff & faculty

Acceptable Dates/Length: Per unit guidelines, approval may be required when off-cycle from AMCP

Documentation & Approvals Required:

  • Detailed justification for bonus payment or letter to employee outlining bonus/incentive arrangement
  • If based on employee’s salary, please indicate calculation of percentage/amount
  • Compensation approval required for bonuses exceeding $1,000 (See the Salary Adjustment and Reclassification Request form)

Submission Notes

HRA requests must be submitted for each employee separately for payroll processing. There is a Copy button at the bottom of each Additional Pay request (even after it is complete) which will copy a majority of the data into a new request to reduce time when you have multiple similar requests to submit.

All Biweekly employee additional payments concerning hours worked must be submitted using number of hours and hourly rate; this is a requirement for the ACA reporting.

When deciding between One Time and Recurring payments, please consider the range of dates in which the service is being performed and how many payments the employee should receive. The payment totals must be equally divisible by the number of payments and within the percentage splits of each chartfield.

For example: If you will split the payment 50/50 between two chartfields for two pay periods, make sure the additional payment request total can be equally divided down to the penny.

Timeline & Processing

For submission deadlines, please see the OAA Payroll & Transaction Calendar. Since the PeopleSoft upgrade to 9.2, additional payments are now pulled into the payroll system from HRA with a one-time file load during the payroll process. Any late submissions will not be able to process until the following pay period.

The service center may assist with including Ad Hoc approvers when necessary prior to final approval. The service center will review each request and choose the Earnings Code and Account Code based on the description provided.

The effective date will usually be processed using the first date in a pay period for purposes of discrepancy reporting, unless a more specific date is required based on work performed. If the request provides retroactive effective dates, the payment amount(s) will be applied to the next on cycle paycheck.

One time payments are sent directly to the paycheck panels from the HRA request. Payroll manually processes all recurring additional payments. The Service Center reviews additional payments once paychecks are available to confirm accurate data has processed compared to the request data.

For changes to a recurring payment after the request has been processed by payroll, see the scenarios below for the best method of correction:

Change in Chartfield

Contact your service center HR Specialist to reopen the request for a manual correction beginning with the next payroll processing period.

Change in the earnings code/payment type

Contact your service center HR Specialist to reopen the request for a manual correction beginning with the next payroll processing period.

Change in the effective dates to end the payment early

Contact your service center HR Specialist to reopen the request for a manual correction beginning with the next payroll processing period.

Change in the effective dates to extend the payment

A new request must be submitted to go through approval workflow.

Change in the payment amount

A new request must be submitted to go through approval workflow. Contact your service center HR Specialist to cancel the ongoing payment to replace with the new request.

  • Employee was overpaid – your HR specialist will assist with the providing options and communicating with payroll to resolve.
  • Employee was not paid enough – please work with your Service Center HR Specialist to complete a request that will catch up the missed pay and continue the payments with the correct amount.
  • Employee is transferring to another university department – please notify your HR Specialist to cancel the recurring payment with the termination, or leave a comment in the termination request to confirm.
  • Employee is leaving the university – all additional payments will be cancelled once the termination has processed. Please submit terminations as soon as notice is provided to avoid overpayment.