Payroll Processing

Payroll processing is an essential function that has many detailed aspects. Refer to the resources below for assistance in related matters.

Calendars & Important Dates

Refer to the Office of the Controller's University Pay Period Schedule including holidays, leave accruals, pay dates, and payroll processing.

The OAA Payroll & Transaction Calendar includes OAA unit and service center deadlines for all HR Action request types as well as job openings. Any variation to these dates/deadlines will be communicated out by the service center in advance.

Federal Work Study Award year 2019-20 important dates can be located on the SFA Employer Services website.

Graduate School Appointment dates for Fellows and Grad Associates can be located on the Graduate School website.

Faculty Off Duty Payment Eligible dates can be located on the OAA Off Duty Pay Calculator (Academic Year) or OAA Off Duty Pay Calculator (Summer Only)

Checklists & Reporting Processes

The OAA HR Service Center processes all payroll reports on behalf of the OAA units (including OHR & John Glenn College) in accordance with University Payroll Services requirements.

The Service Center completes internal checklists that outline the steps and reports required to verify accurate payroll data is sent to Payroll Services each pay period for processing:

In addition to the internal reporting steps, the HR Specialists process and verify all data required on the University Payroll Checklists:

All payroll reports are maintained by the service center in accordance with audit requirements. Please see your Service Center HR Associates for any questions regarding payroll reporting.