Positions and Job Openings

There are two HR Action types available for positions and job openings:

  • Create New Position
  • Fill Existing Position

OAA Position Templates are available for submitting position descriptions and job opening data:

Create New Position

This action type should be used when a department has identified a need for a new position rather than an update to an existing available position.

If you need assistance with identifying the appropriate OSU Classification (Job Code), please refer to the Title Deck or contact the OHR Compensation office. Additional resources are available for creating a position description on OHR’s Talent Acquisition website.

Please attach a completed OAA Position Template to provide the position description details and desired posting information.  If multiple positions will be needed, please note the total number in the additional information section in the HRA.

See the OAA Payroll & Transaction Calendar for weekly position update and job opening deadlines.

Fill Existing Position

This action type should be used when a position has been vacated and will need to be replaced with a new employee through the posting process, whether the title and description will be staying the same or being revised.

Please attach a completed OAA Position Template to provide the position description details and desired posting information. If the description will not require any changes, please note this in the Additional Information section within the request.

If the current incumbent in the position is not yet terminated, please note the final day/month of service. If the position is being posted more than 30 days in advance of their departure, or if there will be significant changes to the title, classification or description, a new position number may need to be created. The service center will make this determination, and the new position number will be added to the HRA for future reference when hiring in these cases.

See the OAA Payroll & Transaction Calendar for weekly position update and job opening deadlines.

Job Opening

Nearly all Regular and Term Staff and Faculty positions require posting for a minimum of one week (See Recruitment and Selection policy for details). The Job Opening will include the Detailed Position Description and Education/Experience Requirements from the position description provided.

If you wish to provide a Performance Profile to enhance your online recruiting opportunities, please attach the document to the request and note this on the Position Template under Special Posting Instructions. Please note the character limit for the detailed position descriptions and performance profiles; this is a system restriction and cannot be altered.

For additional assistance with recruitment and enhancing your job openings, please contact the OHR Talent Strategy department.

Student Positions

To create a new student position, please submit a Create New Position request with a completed Student Position Template attached, and to update an existing student position or job posting, submit a Fill Existing Position request with a completed Student Position Template attached. Please note the total expected headcount for each position, if greater than 1. Please see the Student Appointment Guide for assistance with identifying the correct classification, standard hours, and/or pay range. Please review the Federal Work Study Pay Range list to align your student positions in the correct range.

Student Federal Work Study positions require posting on the FWS Interfase website. The posting information is captured on the Student Position Template and will be entered after the position is created/updated. Once the job posting is created on Interfase, the FWS Office will review and assign a pay range based on the description provided. The service center will notify the request contact once the posting has been approved and a pay range is available.

Non-Federal Work Study student positions do not require posting, but an online student job board is available to assist in identifying qualified student applicants if desired. To post on the student job board for non-FWS undergraduate or graduate positions, please indicate the posting details on the Student Position Template, and the posting will be submitted once the position entry is complete.