Academic Priorities

Academic Priorities





Enhancing the undergraduate and graduate student experience. There will be university-wide discussions of what an Ohio State undergraduate, graduate, and professional student experience should be. The goal at year’s end is to have an action plan that defines the holistic Ohio State student experience

Developing the Discovery Themes of Energy and Environment, Food Production and Security, and Health and Wellness. A major goal is to create short-term and long-term action plans for the Themes and to launch the first of these significant initiatives. 

Developing eLearning. This year we will continue to define and build the university’s eLearning portfolio in a manner that makes Ohio State a leader in this area.

Discussing new models of faculty evaluation and rewards in an interdisciplinary climate. We will work to identify ways to change process and procedures to facilitate interdisciplinary teaching and scholarship.

Balancing affordability and access and excellence for our students. How do we keep an Ohio State degree affordable and accessible for our students, while at the same time attracting the very best students and investing to move from excellence to eminence? This issue will be discussed extensively with an eye toward developing solutions.

Enhancing the arts at Ohio State and our connections with the Columbus arts community. We want to build on our strengths in the arts while expanding the connections that Ohio State arts faculty, students, and staff have with community arts organizations—and vice versa.