Semester Conversion Program Approval Updates

Program Approval in CAA

The Council on Academic Affairs (CAA) is responsible for approving all academic programs, including those being reenvisioned for semester conversion. The proposals for these programs are available at the CAA website in two queues – approval by one of the subcommittees and final approval by CAA. Students and advisors may find some of the information in these program proposals helpful for future planning.

To view these proposals, start at the CAA website. On the right hand side, there is a sidebar with several links. 

For programs on the current CAA agenda or those previously approved by CAA, click on Meeting Materials on the right hand sidebar. This will contain proposals in pdf form currently on the CAA agenda, and then all previously approved proposals, in reverse chronological order by meeting date. 

For programs submitted to CAA but not yet through the subcommittee review, and therefore not yet approved by CAA , on that same right-hand sidebar, click on Proposals in Subcommittee. This will show a table with each CAA subcommittee (A, B, C, and D), and beneath these headings are listed all of the programs for which each committee is responsible for reviewing.  For those that are already submitted, there will be a pdf file of the program one can open. It is important to note that these are draft proposals, not yet approved by CAA; however, CAA has, so far, been asking primarily for clarifications and additional information, not for changes in program proposals, so these draft proposals are generally reliable for advising purposes, with the understanding that final approval is pending.  If there is a program listed in a column but no pdf link, that means that subcommittee has been assigned the review of that unit's programs, but that these programs have not yet been submitted to the designated subcommittee.  In this case, one should simply check back over the next several weeks, as program proposals keep coming in, to see when the program one is interested is posted.