Jack Rall

Professor Emeritus of Physiology and Cell Biology rall.1@osu.edu

Jack A. Rall received a Ph.D. in physiology from the University of Iowa, did post-doctoral training at UCLA and later spent a sabbatical year in the physiology department at University College London.  He retired from the department of physiology and cell biology after thirty eight years at OSU in 2012.  He returned for one year to continue as the OSU faculty ombudsman.  During his career he was active in basic research on various aspects of muscle contraction.  Since his retirement he is no longer involved in laboratory research but rather his scholarly interests have concentrated on investigating historical aspects of muscle physiology and physiology in general.  He has written a monograph entitled: Mechanism of Muscular Contraction (Springer, pages 1 - 471, 2014) that is part of the Perspectives in Physiology series of the American Physiological Society.  Most recently his article entitled: The XIIIth International Physiological Congress in Boston in 1929: American Physiology Comes of Age (in Advances in Physiology Education, 40: 5 16, 2016) has received the 2016 Orr E. Reynolds Award from the American Physiological Society for the best historical article by a member of the society.  Professor Emeritus Rall is a member of the inaugural class of the OSU Emeritus Academy.