Realizing the full potential of every Ohioan through affordable access to education and research — driving the next generation of development, growth, and productivity for Ohio’s economy.

Guiding Principles

  1. The regional campuses shall serve the university’s land grant mission by providing open access to all Ohioans
  2. The regional campuses shall provide an affordable education
  3. Degree completion programs shall be focused on meeting regional, state, and national employer needs.
  4. All regional campuses offer pathways to degree completion at the Columbus campus
  5. In partnership with the co-located technical colleges, the regional campuses shall offer bachelor degree completion programs
  6. The regional campuses shall encourage P-12 pathways to a college education
  7. The regional campuses, leveraging shared facilities and operations, shall encourage the development of effective multi-use facilities, where feasible
  8. The regional campuses shall be engaged partners with the communities they serve


Each regional campus’s strategic plan has goals that are unique to the campus and goals that are common to all four campuses. These shared goals include:

Goal 1: Respond to the Demographic Shift

The demographics of Ohio are changing and over the next decade the number of people graduating from high school will fall sharply. The regional campuses will need to shift focus to continue to meet regional workforce needs, while maximizing the use of the existing physical plant and faculty.

  • Identify ways to increase the portion of Ohioans achieving a college education
  • Work with the Columbus campus to provide opportunities for students who do not meet the selective admissions criteria on the Columbus campus to achieve their educational goals
  • Explore the possibility of enrolling international/out of state students at regional campuses with the capacity to support them
  • Explore ways of serving adult learners, providing opportunities for career development and for career changes
  • Work with P-12 institutions in our regions to develop pathways to a college education

Goal 2: Maximize Operational Efficiency

Studies are underway to identify efficiencies in administrative functions, support-units, and academic units. The result is an expected increase in collaboration between regional campuses, co-located technical colleges, and the Columbus campus.

  • Grow collaboration between co-located technical colleges for shared services and facilities
  • Increase shared services between the Columbus and regional campuses

Goal 3: Data Driven Student Success

The regional campuses’ open access mission means there is a need for strong attention to support systems to ensure student success. Many efforts are underway,  and the next step is to increase the sophistication of our data-driven approach to student success.

  • Utilize predictive analytics to identify when students need help
  • Integrate proactive advising to aid students in reducing time to degree
  • Coordinate with the Columbus campus is the redesign of key gateway courses

Goal 4: Enhance the Affordability of a Regional Campus Education

The combination of lower tuition and lower instructional costs on the regional campuses increases the affordability of an Ohio State education, but maintaining the affordability advantage for students requires constant vigilance.

  • Seek additional support for scholarships through private philanthropy
  • Explore instructional efficiencies through shared teaching opportunities among the regional campuses and with the Columbus campus

Strategic Inititatives

Student Success

Serving Ohio State’s access mission means the regional campuses have an acute attention to supporting students as they enter the university.

  • Grow programming targeted at first generation and adult student success
  • Target advising to focus on associates degree completion and pathways to a four-year degree
  • Increase faculty/student interaction through learning communities
  • Enhance opportunities for undergraduate students to conduct research with faculty
Housing and Student Service

In order to meet the open access mission of the University, Ohio State’s regional campuses must provide housing and the accompanying student services allowing students from across the state to have a residential educational experience.

  • Prepare a strategic plan for enhancing student life on the regional campuses
  • Lima (private housing completed in 2009)
  • Mansfield (private housing completed in 2015, with future phases planned)
  • Marion (private housing completed in 2015)
  • Newark (university housing planned)
Career Development

The regional campuses are responsive to the regional employer needs. The regional campuses have completed market studies and are growing academic programs to meet employer needs and provide career development for students.

  • Expand educational offerings in STEM disciplines such as engineering, natural sciences, and health sciences
  • Leverage partnerships with the region’s employers through internships, co-ops and other pre and post-graduation training opportunities
Operational Efficiency

The regional campuses recognize the need to continuously evaluate opportunities to improve operational efficiency, keeping the cost of education affordable.

  • Initiate task forces to examine opportunities to increase efficiency between co-located technical colleges, the Columbus campus, and between the regional campuses