Reports and Surveys

What information about student learning outcomes is routinely reported?

Annual Assessment Reporting

Programs provide annual assessment reports, documenting their findings, evaluation, and use of assessment information, and any action planning. 

As part of the annual reporting, college curricular deans prepare an executive summary of assessment activities within their college, which are shared with the university-wide Academic Program Advisory Committee.

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning compiles reporting and assessment activities across all colleges for review by the Office of Academic Affairs.    

University-Level Surveys and Data Collections

The Office of Institutional Research and Planning and the Center for the Study of Student Life conduct a variety of institutional-level assessments, including the National Survey of Student Engagement, the Graduate and Professional Survey, the Graduation Survey, and the Collegiate Learning Assessment, which are shared with relevant committees and programs.  

Specialized Accreditation

More than 100 programs at Ohio State undergo a specialized accreditation process which routinely includes standards on learning outcomes assessment.  And numerous academic programs, which lead to licensure, display pass rates on their websites. 

Academic Unit Review

Departments undergo academic unit review on a seven-year cycle and prepare a self-study, one component of which addresses student learning outcomes assessment.