Academic Rights and Responsibilities: Steps Taken

Academic Rights and Responsibilities: Steps Taken

Academic freedom and intellectual diversity have been hallmarks of the ethic of The Ohio State University since it opened its doors in 1873. The Office of Academic Affairs has led our institutional effort to inform faculty and students about relevant policies and procedures and to promote frank, open, and respectful discussion about the issues of freedom of thought and expression.

Following discussions with the Council of Deans, the school directors and department chairs, the leaders of Ohio State's student governance organizations, the vice-provosts, the University Senate Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (CAFR) and the Senate Steering Committee, we have taken the following steps:


  • At the beginning of each academic year, the provost e-mails all faculty to remind them of the university's mechanisms for addressing the concerns of students who believe they have experienced treatment that is inconsistent with Ohio State's commitment to freedom of thought and expression
  • An item about academic rights and responsibilities annually appears in several Ohio State e-news outlets, along with links to appropriate web sites.
  • The ACE statement (distributed to student orientation planners and the Office of Faculty and TA Development in April 2006) is included in their orientation sessions and workshops.



This list will be updated as we take additional steps to ensure that all members of the university community remain informed about the principles of academic rights and responsibilities--and to demonstrate our unflagging commitment to them.

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