College/Unit Strategic Plan Review and Feedback


To raise awareness, provide feedback, and identify opportunities to collaborate with the college/unit as their administrators, faculty, staff and stakeholders implement their new strategic plan.


In conjunction with breakfast or lunch, a structured conversation, facilitated by the Vice Provost of Strategic Planning and Implementation and the Dean or unit leader. An overview is provided by the college dean or unit leader and small groups are formed to respond to specific questions that are agreed upon by the facilitators. At the conclusion of the discussion, the dean would offer observations and reflections of the discussion and summary notes are provided to the college/unit from OAA. Each individual participating is provided the strategic plan and any related materials approximately 3 weeks in advance of meeting.


The dean of the college or unit leader and the Vice Provost of Strategic Planning and Implementation collaborate to identify invitees. Automatically included in the list of invites are representatives of the following offices: Office of Research; Office of Outreach and Engagement; Office of International Affairs; Undergraduate Education; Graduate School; Business & Finance; Technology Commercialization Office and Student Life. It is recommended that approximately 8-10 additional individuals be identified and invited – representing colleges, departments, centers or programs where there are natural or potential collaborations.

Key Questions
  1. Based on the plan and what you know about the college or, what do you see as the greatest opportunities?
  2. What specific opportunities do you see to collaborate with your college, unit department, center or program?
  3. Based on the internal/external scan presented in the plan, what do you see as potential barriers to the college realizing its aspirational goal(s)?

Additional or alternative questions may be identified.


A college/unit should work with the Office of Academic Affairs (Vice Provost of Strategic Planning and Implementation) when their plan is approximately 90% complete. Once the review process is complete and feedback incorporated where appropriate, the final draft and feedback will be shared with the Executive Vice President and Provost and then the plan will be posted on the OAA website. OAA works with the college/unit on timing of posting to the website to ensure it follows any formal rollout/announcement by the college/unit.

For questions or to initiate review, please contact Ryan Schmiesing, PhD, Vice Provost for Strategic Planning and Implementation, at or 614-292 4413.