Summer Term 2016 Update

Summer Term 2016 Update: Summer Term is changing. Find out how.

Summer Term 2016 Update

President Drake has prioritized access and affordability as a central component of our academic planning. A significant part of that comprehensive effort is a reconsideration of the summer term structure and tuition schedule. The approved changes increase flexibility for our students and assist in their time to degree, beginning with Summer Term 2016.

Summer Term Structure (2016 and beyond)

Summer Term 2016 Block Calendar

Beginning in May 2016, Ohio State's 12-week Summer Term will have multiple sessions and coursework options, which include:

  • One 12-week term
  • Two 6-week sessions
  • Three 4-week sessions
  • Two 8-week overlapping (first and second 4-week, or second and third 4-week) sessions

For key dates and times regarding registration, refer to the Office of the Registrar’s academic calendar.

The fee payment deadline for all Summer Term 2016 sessions is Wednesday, May 4. For more detailed information, refer to the Office of the Registrar’s fee table.

Graduate students, please refer to the Graduate Student Enrollment Information - Summer 2016.

Summer Term Tuition (2016)

As in previous years, Ohio State will provide a tuition credit for up to three credit hours of coursework for the first 4-week session for qualifying students as defined below. All other sessions will be full tuition for Summer Term 2016.

This tuition credit will again be available to students who are enrolled full-time (12 credits for undergraduate students; eight credits for graduate or graduate-professional students) during spring semester, and who are not graduating (with the exception of students earning an associate degree, students in a dual-degree program and students enrolled in multiple-degree programs).