A message from provost McPheron thanking faculty

Faculty and Staff — April 30, 2021

Thank you for all that you do

Dear colleagues,

Your contributions this year have been nothing short of remarkable.

In the midst of a pandemic that has challenged every aspect of life, you have taught, mentored, encouraged and inspired. You have fostered learning, research and creative expression — all while supporting our students and one another in extraordinary fashion. 

As we officially mark the end of spring semester, please accept my appreciation for everything you have done.

I hope the summer offers each of you good health and opportunities to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The pandemic is not over, but with vaccinations on the rise, we are already gaining more opportunities to see friends and family face-to-face. 

I hope that each of you will take advantage of the opportunity to be vaccinated — both to protect yourself from COVID-19 and to enhance the "normality" of the coming academic year. We will continue to utilize all necessary health and safety guidelines in the coming year, but we will have more flexibility if our vaccination rate reaches herd immunity levels — generally defined as 70% to 85% of the population. 

For more information about vaccination opportunities — whether at the Ohio Union, the Schottenstein Center or thousands of other sites throughout Ohio — see the Safe and Healthy Buckeyes website

We'll continue to share more information about plans for fall, including the central role of faculty in the reactivation of our campuses, as soon as possible.

Finally, I'd like to share a personal note as I prepare to return to the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences in July.

I have always admired our Ohio State community, but my role as provost for the past five years has added layers of depth to my appreciation. It has been a privilege to work with so many talented, principled and just plain good people. This is a special community made up of remarkable people, and I am proud to be a Buckeye alongside all of you.

Thank you for being partners and colleagues in the past, present and long future ahead. 

Have a great summer,

Bruce A. McPheron, PhD
Executive Vice President and Provost